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An over pour of optimism: 20 gifts to treat your Sagittarius friends this season

An over pour of optimism: 20 gifts to treat your Sagittarius friends this season

You haven't quite experienced spontaneity until you've let a Sagittarius into your life. Even on the darkest of days, they have a knack for bringing an unbridled over pour of optimism – the sign is ruled by Jupiter after all – meaning that when you're around them, there's no doubt you'll be in for a great and adventurous time. As the end of the year begins to draw to a close, it can only mean one thing – Sagittarius season is officially here.

As astrologer Jules Ferrari shares in her 2022 predictions, "this is a year of strengthening the tension and aim of your bow and arrow. The bow is your desires, your energy and motivations – the meaning you have applied. And the arrow is the destination and direction you wish to apply your action towards, it is the experience and knowledge you are seeking." Always open to new beginnings and exploring the path less taken, a Sagittarius' jet-setting spirit shines through in all facets of their being – especially when it comes to gifts.

Free spirited and mindful but equally as headstrong and independent, Sagittarius' know what they want and we love them for it. Which is why, when it comes to selecting a gift for this fire sign, it's best to stick to the things they love.

Always down for a show and a lover of all things shiny, you can never go wrong with a touch of bling. Or if they prefer to feed the soul from the inside out, nourishment and a touch of natural R&R always lands well. Whichever type of Sagittarius you're treating this season, we've rounded up a foolproof gift guide for the things they're sure to love.


1. BURBERRY Chess Satchel in Mimosa


2. BOSE Smart Noise Cancelling Headphones


3. BOBBI BROWN Vitamin Enriched Face Base


4. CONSERVING BEAUTY InstaMelt Day Dissolver Wipes 30 Pack


5. DYSON AirWrap Multi-Styler


6. It's OK to Feel Things Deeply by Carissa Potter


7. PANDORA Lab Grown Diamond Earrings


8. RIMOWA Personal Polycarbonate Cross-Body Bag




10. SILK LAUNDRY 90s Slip Dress in Jaguars Black


11. T2 Just The Quiet Mind Tea Bag Cube


12. 19-69 L'Air Barbés Fragrance


13. A24 X JOYA Genre Candles in Adventure

14. ETSY Handmade Film Keychain


15. JACQUEMUS Red Le Chouchou 'Le Bambino Long' Bag


16. AESOP Bronze Incense Holder


17. TASCHEN Gisele Bündchen, XL


18. CHARLOTTE TILBURY Rocket Lips Lipstick


19. GLOSSIER Body Hero Bodywash


2o. ACNE STUDIOS Wool Mohair Scarf


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