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Safe and Sound is a new way for musicians to create amid social-distancing

GLO Cement Fondu

Even in isolation, creativity finds a way.

In the last few weeks, we've seen so many new ways to connect with the creative community. From ballet performances heading online to the launch of new art spaces. Even the RUSSH team has turned to Instagram Live to host a new iteration of our bookclub, RUSSH Reads.

Paddington gallery Cement Fondu is the latest name to introduce a new way for us to connect with art. The gallery is launching a new music project called Safe and Sound on Facebook.

Safe and Sound will see Cement Fondu collaborate with local musicians. These musicians will occupy the gallery and then reflect how restrictions inspire new ways of thinking and working.

The first session features, GLO, Mohi and The Dieyoungs. These local artists were given access to Cement Fondu's deserted gallery where they performed two tracks amidst the works from the most recent gallery exhibition Contact Us.

The first track to be released is Transmute. And it will premiere exclusively on the Cement Fondu Facebook page on Wednesday May 27 - today at 5:30pm.

One of the artists, GLO reflected on how recent restrictions have upended her relationship to music-making.

"Some days I feel motivated to get the ball rolling and other days, I feel quite uncertain regarding how to go about pursuing this passion that is my love and joy, during a pandemic. It's definitely made me realise how precious time is though," she says.

The Safe and Sound program is an opportunity to work with local musicians whose plans have been impacted by COVID19. GLO was due to create a video to release Transmute before the lockdown hit, leaving her unable to organise a crew.  This new initiative is a way for musicians, like GLO, to keep creating and bring new audiences and listeners to their art.

Head to the Cement Fondu Facebook page to watch the video premiering tonight. And of course, stay tuned for more artists and videos in the coming weeks.