RUSSH Loves: Beauty favourites from January 2022

beauty favourites

The new year is here and with it has arrived our freshly minted list of beauty essentials. We're coveting all the products you could would want or need for your summer season shelf; from hydrating multi-purpose moisturisers after those long lazy days on the beach, to skin-soothing setting sprays for those long days back in the office post holiday time. Here are the RUSSH beauty favourites of January 2022.


Nº1 de Chanel Revitalising Cream

If you're already a lover of Chanel's Anti-Ageing beauty care, consider this the welcome edition for your summer beauty shelf. Chanel's latest collection, Nº1 de Chanel, is imbued with Camelia Alba, an exclusive active ingredient used to fight against environmental stressors. The moisturiser is packed with naturally derived ingredients. The formula is light weight and it glides on and sinks into the skin instantly. You'll find that a dime size is all you'll need to instantly plump your post-Christmas sun dried skin.


Kat Von D Creamfoil Longwear Eyeshadow


The warmer months are made for amping our looks up that extra level. We're personally living for the current studio 54 disco revival that's been sweeping our feeds of late. Kat Von D's supercharged and electric cream foil long wear eyeshadows are for those perfect nights out (or in) with your friends when all you want to do is drink and dance as the sun goes down.


Dior Prestige La Micro-Huile De Rose Serum

Consider this to be a belated Christmas gift from us. After only one application of Dior's masterful new Prestige serum, your skin will be transformed to a fuller, plumper version of its former self. A welcome edition after eighteen months of stress and uncertainty where we now crave a little R&R for our skin cells. The formula itself uses the regenerative powers of Rose sap, which is five times more potent than that of any retinoid treatment. A wise and worthy investment


Ellus & Krue pH Balance Gel Toner


We love celebrating a homegrown brand especially one that champions such an innovative way of tackling skincare. What is so clever about the Ellus & Krue ph balancing gel toner is it doubles as an intense hydrating mask. So for all those long days spent out in the sun, just pop this on for an extra ten minutes and you'll be glowing for days. An instant shelf favourite!


Sundae Whipped Shower Foam


We would be lying if some of earliest childhood memories of summer didn't involve the sweet smell of vanilla ice cream, and smatterings of sugary sprinkles. So when we found out there was a shower foam that was basically our earliest summer days bottled, we were hooked. With an array of delightful fruity flavours, and foam that is buttery soft on the skin this is a must.


The Jojoba Company Lip Balm


There are some things be it summer or winter we can't avoid, and that is the plight of dry lips. Jojoba is not a lip oil, but a liquid wax formula that is the closest match to our own skin. A handy little bag carrier that we would happily have on us all day.


Aceology Green Tea Mask


After the holidays we find our skin needs to take a holiday. All that rich food and alcohol can send our cells into overload. This is why Aceology's Green Tea mask is a an absolute life saver. Made to revitalise and energise the complexion, the combination of green tea, soy bean extract and niacinamide will kick your skin into gear for the new year.


J S Health Luminous Vitamin Oil


If there is one thing we live for over the summer months it's hoping out of a cool shower and finishing our skin care with some light refreshing serums. Thankfully, we have JS Health to help us out here. This water free, retinol alternative has become one our favourites for a reason. It evens out skin tone, reduces pigmentation and promotes important cell turnover of the skin. The teensiest bit goes a long way, it's the skin gift that keeps on giving.


Eleven I Want Body Texture Spray


We'll be the first to admit that we are the wash and wear type, and while we've been pondering some fresh 70's bottleneck bangs to sex up our summer months ahead, we know we will want to amp up the volume in our strands. Eleven has formulated a one of a kind texture spray that is both powder and liquid in form. The unique mix can be spritzed from roots to ends and will give us the rock n roll locks we've been pining over.


Georgio Armani Lip Power in 202


If your tried and true trifecta for those summery nights out is a slicked back bun, bare skin and a punchy red lip, Georgio Armani's latest inclusion hits the top of the list for that look. This vivid, long lasting lip stick glides on to stay all day and night. Containing a unique blend of oils and highly concentrated pigment, it's made to stay and look utterly fabulous to boot.


Bondi Sands Sunny Daze 50 + Moisturiser


While we love the longer days we're blessed with in summer, we know that having the right sunscreen on hand is half the battle. With many of us battling skin that swings between oily and dry, finding the right suitor can be taxing. Enter Bondi Sands Sunny Daze hydrating moisturiser. This formula goes on so light you'll forget that you have anything on at all. It's as if you're wearing a second skin, ideal for those long days going from meetings to a quick dip.


Chanel Longwear Nail Colour in 915 Riviera 


beauty favourites

If like us, you have been wishing to spend your summer months galavanting out on a boat in St Tropez, let this be your reminder to allow your nails to still take that trip. Chanel's Le Vernis is the summer accessory we all need. This dreamy, creamy shade gives you long lasting shine with each coat offering an even, smooth finish. Consider this the perfect finger accompaniment to that glass of sparkling that awaits you post-summer holidays.


Monat Intense Repair Treatment


beauty favourites

This powerful and deeply nourishing treatment works in promoting hair growth and extending the life of colour. Using this in unison with the intense repair shampoo will cultivate thicker strands from the root all the way down to the tip. The best results here are seen when using it twice a day.


Dr Naomi Catfish Eye Cream


If there were a product that also worked in tandem as a beauty filter, this would be the one. This little gem works by blurring fine lines and blasting away dark spots. A solution that instantly refines, plumps and soothes the skin. A time traveller in a tube, your friends will be wondering how it is you're still going on sixteen. A clever Catfish indeed!


One Size Beauty Preserve Serve Setting Mist


beauty favourites

Are the summer months leaving your skin utterly parched? Consider this little baby your hidden oasis. One Size Preserve Serve Setting Mist is your ticket to glowy and luminous skin. This microfine mist is more like a serum in a spray; it gives the skin a radiant boost while locking in your makeup for the day ahead. There is nothing like it out there. A winner in our books.


Revolution XX Fix Brow Gel - Clear 


beauty favourites

There are great brow gels and then there are truly great brow gels. This winner from Revolution XX is a new and welcome edition. When the days are humid the last thing you want is your brows to budge after you've spent your mornings painstakingly arching them into perfect place. This little beauty sculpts and shapes in five minutes flat. A time saver and our new favourite in our bag.


IL Makiage Colour Boss Master Palette


If you're looking for an all in one palette for your next glam dinner and drinks with girlfriends this is the one for you. Made with lush multi-dimensional pigments, designed to stay on all day. The shades pack on like a cream and set like a powder. Very little blending required with this delightful little bundle. We love it paired with a slick of gloss on the lips for some Y2K energy.


Trinny London Lip 2 Cheek in Freddie


The perfect little multitasker. If you're one who prefers a two-in-one option for those mornings when you're in a hurry, this is the perfect time saver. With buildable colour, this lip to cheek duo is long lasting and made with a nourishing and matte texture. It leaves a perfect sheen when tapped on the cheeks for instantly popping cheekbones. We love!


Carriere Freres Candle in Laos Benzoin & Siberian Fir

beauty favourites

A scent that takes you to the heady jungles of South East Asia; imbued with woody purifying notes this new edition of the Carrière Frères line up supports an eco-friendly initiative. With production that benefits local communities and small producers.


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