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Do you need a beauty fridge? The benefits of investing for both your skin and products

A landscape constantly refining itself, innovations in skin care are evolving rapidly, with a new hero product launching most weeks. However, the storage of skin care itself is often overlooked, with the bathroom cabinet deemed an acceptable place to house all products. While this may be the case for some, a selection of common skin care products would be served better if stored in a beauty fridge.

Despite sounding a superfluous device, the benefits of owning a beauty fridge for both your skin and the products you purchase far outweigh myths around efficacy. Read on to learn why investing in a beauty fridge is a necessary step in your skin care routine.

Does my skin care need to be chilled?

Some skin care brands recommend products be stored between 45 and 50 degrees to maintain the ideal consistence of products, while also reducing the risk of bacteria growth, mould and yeast. Cooler temperatures may also help decrease the risk of accelerated deactivation of active ingredients.

Beauty fridge or not, it is always best to ensure your skin care is stored in a cool, dry place and avoid any direct sunlight or humidity in this area. If in your bathroom there is minimal ventilation, the humidity may contribute to the aforementioned bacterial growth. Instead, seek to store your skin care in your beauty fridge or, failing that, in your bedroom.

Will storing my products in a beauty fridge prolong their longevity?

Beyond the aesthetics of ownership, skin care fridges do serve a greater purpose. Dependent on the product, some may have an extended shelf life if stored in a beauty fridge.

Formulations containing vitamin C, retinol or probiotics have relatively short shelf lives as is, meaning refrigeration promotes a more stable environment for the product’s storage and acts in prolonging its life. When products do reach their expiration date, the active ingredients contained in their formulation may become less potent, meaning their efficacy is compromised.

However, makeup, fragrances and oils shouldn’t be placed in a fridge as the cooler temperatures can result in their formula separating.

Are cooler products better for my face?

Similar to the concept of skin icing—whereby the skin on the face and neck is cooled with ice—ensuring your products are kept at a lower temperature help de-puff the skin, reduce redness and inflammation and promote greater circulation to the area.

The cooling effect on the skin helps suit the active ingredients in serums and face masks designed to hydrate and illuminate the skin. Similarly, applying moisturiser at a cool temperature may have a calming, soothing effect on the skin barrier and provide relief from itchiness and irritation.

Products claiming to have soothing, anti-inflammatory products when stored in a cool area can ultimately have their effects magnified from immersion in the cooler temperatures. Applying something cool and fleshing first this in the morning to energise the skin and again in the evening to revive your face is both can be a holistic and effective addition to your regime.

What products do I store in my beauty fridge?

A beauty fridge is the ideal cool-temperature storage device to house sheet masks, eye creams, serums, lightweight moisturisers and balms. Certain tools, like Jade rollers and Gua Shas, can also be stored in the fridge.

Here, we round up the best beauty fridge's on the market for you to add to cart, with cooler skin care firmly in your future.


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