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Bottleneck bangs is the French-girl hairstyle you’ll be seeing everywhere in 2022

Bottleneck Bangs

Ah the humble bang, or fringe, whatever you'd prefer to call it. We here have personally always been partial to this hair trend, and it really is beauty gift that keeps on giving. Allowing us non-French the illusion of having a certain je ne sais quoi. The fringe has been held in high favour for the past few years with 2021 being its peak revival era. While last year was all about the curtain bang, this year we are adopting a much looser appeal to the trend. It seems with COVID-19, we've too taken a much more lax approach when it comes to the scissors. Enter Bottleneck Bangs...

The style was initially pitched by London-based hairstylist Tom Smith off the backs of  him debuting Margot Robbie's fresh hair look last August. Since that time, his newly modelled style has seen an epic amount of traction with both Pinterest and Instagram popping up with variations. The style takes what was so effortlessly cool about the curtain bang and gives it a carefree, grown out update. The look features a shorter style at the centre, tapering out with longer sections across the face.


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What exactly are Bottleneck Bangs?

Not dissimilar from its predecessor, the bottleneck bang is equally 70's in its appeal. The look which has been made famous by the likes of Dakota Johnson features a rough-cut texture that is made with all hair types in mind. The shape is narrower at the top and gradually gets wider as it meets the top of the cheekbone. Giving the effect of the shoulders of a bottle, hence the specific name given. It's gives a vintage feel in the look while still being very fresh and contemporary.

What to ask for when trying Bottleneck Bangs?

When it comes to entering the salon for your new look Smith suggests to ask for a longer bang that skirts the tops of the cheekbones. It should be cut at an angle that flatters your individual face shape. The idea is that the bangs curve around your face to create a layered effect, that sits somewhere in the middle of cheekbone and jaw. The centre should be cut shorter keeping it soft and choppy in the middle as it tapers out into longer layers at the edges.

How do I keep my bottleneck bangs looking fresh?

In terms of maintaining the look Smith suggests it couldn't be simpler. The great thing about this particular style is it softens your cut by creating a flattering frame for the face. It's a great way of trying out bangs if you're afraid of taking the plunge. The outgrown appearance means maintenance is kept to a minimum, requiring less visits to the salon. Avoid asking for a solid blunt line when you go in for your hair consultation.

What about styling Bottleneck Bangs?

When it comes to styling this look, the less fuss the better. You want to keep heat styling to a minimum in truly French girl fashion. If you're looking to gain a little bit of body to your bangs try styling some of Oribe's Dry Texturising Spray. Alternatively, you could try a product like Leonor Greyl Paris Éclat Naturel Styling Cream.

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