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Cold beauty is the latest trend you should have on your radar – here’s why you should take the plunge

cold beauty

From our perspective, the essence of beauty often comes from knowing a thing or two about stripping back. We've seen how the topic of detoxification has been a focal point of discussion over the last few years. With many wellness and beauty experts turning to the world of cold immersion therapy and its supportive health benefits. Health gurus like that of Wim Hof have revealed a litany of superhuman secrets. Including how the practice of breath work, third eye opening and cold immersion can aid in impossible feats of strength. The idea is that our body is one that can get complacent and needs certain elements of purification. The outer world of beauty often starts with knowing how to purge our cells of unnecessary toxins and this often starts with awakening the system with practices of cold therapy and beauty practices. So what exactly is the difference?


What is cold therapy?

For the most part, there has been much discussion about how the effects of cold therapy is something worth looking into. So just what is Cryotherapy and how does it help? Cryotherapy involves the process of exposing your body to extremely cold temperatures in a controlled environment. The idea? To set your sympathetic nervous system back in order. In general, our bodies are in a constant state of nervous flux, increased levels of cortisol can contribute to hormonal issues including thyroid disorder and hormonal disfunction. In the case of Wim Hof, the instructors claim there is significant positives. Including, increased energy, better sleep and lower blood pressure. A common practice with this method is the use of 'cryo-chambers', a small contained space, not unlike a shower set at sub zero temperatures roughly -90 degrees celsius. In which you spend 3-5 minutes to purge the system. Other practices such as controlled, meditative breathing while submerged in freezing cold water are essential to the practice.

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What is cold beauty?

For many of us, the idea of dipping our bodies into extremely cold water is not top on our list. Cold beauty, gives us the chance to practice integrating cool immersion into our daily routine. Kate Moss' Facialist Teresa Tarmey introduced the Cryo-Ball back in 2018, the effects of which have been greatly beneficial for at home use. Tarmey herself has been using cold immersion in her salon treatments for years. She claims that the process of using such a practice creates an instant "Ice Lift" effect. Instantly rejuvenating and elevating the skin back to a natural plump state. New York based Dermatologist, Michele Greene agrees with this concept claiming this is isn't new and in fact the process of at home ice immersion routines will be something that continues to grow.

How to integrate this into a daily routine at home?

So with that said, and of course thanks to our TikTok community showing us the benefits of having a beauty fridge, we can't see how we're ever going back from making this a focus within our beauty routine. So just exactly how can we make this a regular practice in our own at home? For one thing, we should take a leaf out of our celeb contingent like that of Lady Gaga and Bella Hadid and begin with the at home ice immersion treatment. Starting with a 1-2 mintute facial, that involves plunging the face into ice cold water. Follow this up with a moisturiser like that of Susanne Kaufman Cold Cream Intensive and an iced jade roller. In the interim, a deep purifying cold mask like that of Charlotte Tilbury's Cryo Recovery Mask is a supportive bridging practice for the skin.

We know we'll be adding one of the above practices into our skincare routine going forward. In the meantime you can find the above items online at Mecca and Netaporter.

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