The RUSSH editors take you inside our Christmas party and share the festive season essentials

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Some people believe that the best moments are the ones that remain undocumented; living only in the shared memories of the people who were lucky enough to experience them first hand. And while we certainly appreciate the magic that lies in such unique joy, we can't look past the opportunity to be able to relive those moments time and time again, in real life. Instant prints laid out across a wine-stained table cloth at the end of the night is what makes the holiday season that much better; and the instax mini 40 is here to capture it all.

At this year's annual RUSSH Christmas party, the mini 40 was the talk of the town; switching hands at the same rate as plates. Stylish and sophisticated, the phone cameras were off and the instax mini 40 caught it all. An obvious holiday season essential, we're sharing an inside look into our celebrations, as well as the festive must-haves we can't live without.



Elyssa Kostopoulos

Content Director

It's no secret that the RUSSH team know how to celebrate. Whether it's closing off the year with a generous (and magically always-full) glass of champagne, or taking to the private dance floor to blow off some steam as Love is in the Air (Ballroom Mix), blares through the speakers. It's all love when we get together, and this year's celebrations were particularly memorable after the year that was. All the more reason to document every special moment – even if they remain for our eyes only. The ease of passing the instax mini 40 around the room as the night continued was all that was needed to confirm that this camera will be coming with me everywhere this festive season.



Lucienne Bambridge

Brand & Campaigns Coordinator

What is festive season without fresh seafood, good champagne and a statement outfit? It’s definitely a time to be lavish and these are three things I absolutely cannot go without. But moreover – what are good memories without keepsakes? I’ve definitely jumped on board the return to film trend and the instax mini 40 is the perfect camera for those keepsake moments. 

Alys Hale

Music Editor

Whilst I am not the most festive person in general, I am a deep lover of intimate gatherings and any excuse to bring my nearest and dearests together will be seized. There should always be libations on hand, preferably champagne to start, wine with food and neat scotch for the concluding conversations. Music is essential, obviously, and my record player is essentially a guest at my parties, and if the music leads to intimate moments under mistletoe, so much the better.  Photographs are encouraged, but given my dancing skills, videos are banned. Film is always more romantic.

Anita Turelli

Partnerships Director 

After a long year of restrictions and working from home, this was one festive gathering to cherish and remember. An elevated event deserves to be captured in style. The instax mini 40 has a timeless design, fitting the stunning tablescaping and is perfect for capturing ambient moments.

Ella Jane

Fashion & Brand Features Editor

The festive season has always felt quite overwhelming to me, even though I am a Leo. For me, the thought of festivities comes with the territory of summer, and the memories that it evokes will always be cherished. It looks like long days at the beach and a pint at the pub before a nap to cool off, small gatherings of loved ones, and moments when the warm breeze never felt better. Such moments must always be captured, and while I’ve always had a film camera on hand to relive the memories upon development, nothing beats instant gratification like having the instax mini 40 on hand. Happy documenting.

Megan Nolan

Digital Operations Manager

When I think of the festive season essentials three things come to mind – family, glitter and creativity. After the past year of lockdowns and not being able to visit my family and friends interstate, I’m ready for long summer nights drinking wine with them and watching the stars come out. There’s nothing quite like the comfort and laughter of people who you feel the most yourself around. 

Couple that with a few nights out dancing (featuring my most excessive glittery party outfits of course) in my favourite city in the world (Melbourne) and 2021 might almost feel like it wasn’t a complete write off. 

Summer is also the only time I feel like I have the mental capacity and freedom to fully appreciate the world around me and the creativity that inspires. That means finally getting back on social media, and what better way than with a full 80s instant film revival? 


Madeline Kenzie

Market & Beauty Coordinator

When I think of the festive season I’m instantly soothed with the kaleidoscopic imagery of Christmas past. My family by the pool, listening to Fleetwood Mac and Hall & Oates, with a trail of sticky sweet mango dripping down my hands. Of course, none of this would be logged so easily in my memory book if it wasn’t for the family's film camera to remember these things by. These images fill my brain, but they now also fill up my walls thanks to the instax mini 40 filling the void, although these days I’ve traded in my mango for a mango bellini. Nonetheless, the vintage vibe still always remains!


To learn more about the instax mini 40, visit the official instax website.


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