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Here are the pieces that the ‘RUSSH’ editors are taking along for European summer

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This time last year when the RUSSH editors put together our ultimate Europe packing list, it was with the most sour of attitudes. Mostly, because none of us were escaping the Sydney chill for the isles of the Cyclades. However, this year, the situation has improved, and the beginning of some of the team's travel escapades is now imminent! So, in preparation for the great extinction Down Under will experience these next few months, we're sharing the pieces and non-negotiables that have found a home on our Europe packing list.

Elyssa Kostopoulos

Content Director

It's hard to believe that I am sharing my packing list less than 48 hours before I jet off on my first trip to Europe since 2018, but just like the actual packing of my suitcase, I'm sharing its contents with you in real time. Frankly, this might as well be a TikTok! I am a well-known over packer, so this trip, I have tried to commit to changing my ways (even though most people will probably still think my 20kg suitcase is excessive). I'll spare you the details and keep this as a highlight reel of my favourite inclusions.

With a mix of different climates, the hardest part has been packing a well-rounded suitcase that will see me through chilly London nights and warm Athenian afternoons. I recently purchased a pair of adidas Sambas (I don't care if you think they're trendy, I am who I am!), which are the perfect neutral 'on the move' shoe that will go with everything from my Friends With Frank Sabine Trousers, to this very cute Sir The Label number. I have also been holding onto this crepe top and pants from Faithfull The Brand, which will be perfect on the Greek islands or paired with other pieces for a more 'city' take.

In the beauty space, I've managed to consolidate makeup and skincare into two toiletry bags, which is pretty impressive. On my list of non-negotiable items, the Sunday Riley Blue Moon Cleansing Balm was recently recommended to me by our senior designer, Teressia, and it is now my absolute favourite makeup remover. For foundation, La Mer's Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation is perfect for daily wear and a sheer glow, and when I need some extra coverage at night, I never go without the Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. But undoubtedly, the most important beauty item I am taking is SPF. Ultra Violette's Supreme Screen Hydrating Facial SKINSCREEN SPF50+ for religious, every day wear and the brand's new Reapplication Mist for regular top-ups. As for fragrance, Juliette Has A Gun released Lust For Sun just in time for me to officially brand it as my European summer scent.


Ella O'Keeffe

Fashion & Brand Features Editor

I'm not headed to Europe this summer, I'm opting to skip the crowds and the irresistible depths of the mediterranean sea for the land of oversized soda cups and a slender grasp on gun control. That's right, the USA is calling my name, and I'm stopping in Mexico en route for some true vacation energy. All of the packing is taking place in this thematically-toned Nere Stori case, because I am horrified at the potential of lost luggage, hence the bright tone for easy spotting, and because it's fun to have fun. What will be inside? Hopefully, a series of tiny bikinis, like this one from Gimaguas, and another something blue from Sandy Liang for traipsing around the streets of LA and New York. Sunglasses for eye protection, these ones from Celine have been on my list for a while now, and some reading material, namely Henry Hoke's Open Throatto get me in that LA mood. Also, my Contax T2 that goes everywhere with me.

Jasmine Pirovic

Arts & Culture Editor

Europe isn’t on the cards for me this year, although my saved list on Airbnb indicates otherwise. When taking to Europe I like to pack light – there’s something humiliating about dragging luggage the size of a mini fridge across cobblestone streets. If I was to travel, it would be to one spot for the entire summer and I would treat it like a residency. Write, paint, visit galleries, swim (snorkel?), read, eat, with the occasional day trip. All I call for is a comfy pair of shoes, reading material, a sturdy swimsuit and, I pray, a carry-on appropriate Rimowa Classic Cabin – if someone is losing their luggage at Rome airport, it won’t be me.


Alys Hale

Music Editor

Whilst I would love to be going home this year, I will sadly be in Cambridge via communication, Mykonos in memories and the Piazza del Duomo in dreams. However, as such, I can indulge in the ultimate fantasy pack. I am obviously taking the RIMOWA One Bottle Case as carry-on, because this flight is not based in my usual reality where I cram more than 7 kgs worth of books and spare socks into a sack as hand luggage. Instead, I’ll have some comforting flight whisky in there if travelling solo, or some champagne if my partner is with me. I will be keeping my sins to myself beneath Oliver Goldsmith Yatton glasses so as to suggest I am an off duty Curator or Gallerist. I will have a Prada Bag (from Cosette because I am conscious of budgets even in my fantasies) that will be stuffed with Moleskine notebooks and pens with missing lids. I will roam around the continent in Ann Demeulemeester boots, even to the beach, and because it’s bound to rain at some point in England. At night, I will wear nothing but an Olivia Bond necklace with my chemist bought silver sleepers. I’ll capture it all with a Leica, because in this fantasy I have a better understanding of light and composition.


Cassie Dimitroff

Production Editor

Seeing as this is a purely fictional packing list for me this year, I will indulge in making it purely aspirational. In terms of beauty, my pack list would include a couple of LESSE products to save my skin, and some sort of opulent, delicious tropical scent to douse myself in morning and night – I’m thinking St. Rose’s Terre Rouge. In terms of a vacanza uniform, some sort of loose linen or cotton dress like this one from DEIJI Studios, paired with a large beach-going bag from PALOROSA – the perfect way to cart around your haul of beach gear, while always being prepared for an unexpected visit to the grocers. Accessorise with an extensive and probably unreasonable amount of reading material tucked under the arm, et voila! 


Olivia Repaci

Creative Studio & Campaigns Manager

I’m very excited to be heading to Europe for a month-long tourist-fest. Time to bring out the Uniqlo bum-bag and New Balance dad shoes, I’m ready to explore! First stop will be Italy, and in order to get into all the sacred sites I’m going to be bringing a light shirt like this Toteme number as a modesty cover up to an otherwise skimpy summery outfit. I’ve been burned before, and don’t want to be THAT person that has to wait outside while her friends visit the Pantheon. While I love my travel companion, I’m keen to have some alone time with my music and stare out a train window between cities while the countryside passes me by, so I’m going to invest in some good Bose headphones before I leave. Next stop, Amsterdam! Where fun days turn into fun nights. Versatile shoes that are both comfy to walk and dance in will be key, like these dream Gucci loafers. In Paris I’ll be spending a week pretending I live there, avoiding too many tourist-y to-dos (except maybe a visit to the Crazy Horse …). Here I want to look chic AF and will be reverting to my take on a classic Parisian uniform of blue jeans, ballet flats and a tank, with a little cardigan for the evening. I’ll be heading to Barcelona next and I’m keen to live my best life eating tapas, paella and all the jamon and cheese I can find. A comfortable dress will be necessary, no tight waistlines allowed. Last stop, Mallorca before I head to a dreary winter. This is my time to soak up as many rays as possible, and prove my Italian heritage with a tan. Beach time will be essential, and will be living in my Sauce swimwear. What will you be wearing on your skin, you ask? Minimal, I don’t have time on holidays. Give me sunscreen, moisturiser, a lip oil and mascara and I’m done for the month. Ciao!


Anita Turelli

Partnerships Director 

The countdown to my trip is officially on and whilst I’m a fan of packing light (to allow room for shopping) I always struggle travelling light when heading to Europe and crossing a few borders. I’ll be starting in London so for the day shopping or catching up with friends a great pair of jeans, Nico by Neuw Denim will be my go to, with a Tommy Hilfiger Classic White Oxford shirt  that can double as beach cover up when we hit Forte Village in Sardinia. When resort side I’ll be living in swimwear including this Zulu and Zepher Terrazzo One Piece and have my eye on the Aje Cosmos Tiered Maxi Skirt  Gemma Ward recently floated down the AAFW catwalk in for a fun, elevated skirt to pop on from beach to bar to dinner moments.  The Bec + Bridge Elyna Strap Maxi Dresss will work for all the destinations I’m hitting. A Loewe Basket Bag for day,  my trusty Valentino Rockstud Shoulder Bag for nights, Saint Laurent Sunglasses and  Hermès Oran Sandals  will be all the key accessories I need.  Finally, I always travel with a P.E. Nation Active Set and New Balance Trainers – even if they may only be used on the stairs in the South of France! 


Mia Steiber

Digital Strategy Director

I’m another one from the team that is jet-setting North this year. I’m doing France, Spain and Morocco in just two weeks. The excitement is palpable. Ever the double Virgo, my packing spreadsheet is out in full force, so I can tell you exactly what I’m bringing.

Accessories first. My much-loved Oroton Margot Saddle will not leave my side, nor will the Trilogy rose mist or the Charlotte Tilbury blush wand that live inside this bag. I procured a pair of the A. Emery x Matteau Spargi Sandals in brown, a very sturdy shoe for lots of walking. Also, I have a vintage Gucci belt I found on Depop.

As for clothing, my suitcase is a melting pot of pieces. I have the Posse Alice crop in three colours, all of them are coming with me. A knitted skirt set in taupe from Venroy will be in high circulation as will my Ottavio Pants from Faithfull which I have in a few colours. I’ve been living in my favourite grey slip dress from St Agni, so it’s coming with me too. Late last year I also picked up an IRO blazer, strappy Sandro dress and Tigerlily maxi from The Outnet which I bought with this vacation in mind. They’re sold out now, so no link sorry! I’ve topped it off with a modest dress from Dissh and robe from Spell to assist in my jaunt to Marrakech.

I live by the beach so I have about 40 pieces of swimwear - choosing what to take is hard. But I think I’ve narrowed it down to four. My Code B black set, pure elegance and great for big busts. Also my Form and Fold set, another must for big busts. My You Swim short set, which is great if you’re walking a lot because it’s a bit like “swimmable” activewear. Then my Janthee Swim Olympia set because it’s the sexiest bikini I own. All topped off with a cover-up from Andie Swim.


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