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If after months spent in lockdown you're craving intimacy then you're not alone. Lucky we've got the perfect remedy with a free gift from modern intimacy brand Rosewell.


The Rosewell Brand:

A brand built on the belief that sex care, intimacy and connection are critical to overall wellbeing, Rosewell is here to make a difference.

In mid-2019, Rosewell founder Alisha asked close friends over dinner if they were regularly having sex with their long-term partners. There was silence and discomfort, and she wanted to understand why. If skincare, healthcare and even mental health could be openly discussed, why not this intimate area of our wellbeing?

The result is a brand that believes that people deserve to be the centre of their experience. That products should enhance, not isolate, and that language should be considerate, inclusive and welcoming, with no assumptions made on sexuality, gender or preference.


What you get:

Suited for those who are looking for shared exploration, the Dip is an external vibe with a tapered tip for direct and targeted use. Some enjoy Dip solo or held between partners. Perfect for all erogenous zones, on all genders.

Next up is the Dinner Parties Deck - a collection of 50 questions across emotional, intellectual and physical intimacy. Petite in size, powerful in use. This set of cards is suited for nights-in with friends, road trips, brunches and everything in between. Deep, insightful and engaging, these conversation starters are designed to provoke real learning about one another.

The perfect duo that we know you'll love.



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