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Searching for a new piece of jewellery for your collection? This Italian jeweller is the brand to know

roberto coin

To own a piece of jewellery is to own much more than just a piece of moulded metal and stones. Jewellery is a keepsake, a talisman, an epitaph of a moment. Not only are they latent with meaning based on how, why, when and from whom they are received, but they are also imbued with the echoes of nature, culture, and history that help to shape its design. To be a jeweler is to be a dreamer, that much is for certain.

And no conversation about fine jewellery design over the last few decades would be complete without talking about Roberto Coin. The Italian fine jeweler, based in the City of Gold, Vicenza, started his eponymous jewellery brand nearly three decades ago in pursuit of a romantic ideal: an amalgamation of centuries-old Italian craftsmanship and modern design techniques.


Coin's borderless imagination and cathexis to fine jewellery took shape through the hands of some of Italy's most renowned jewellers and artisans. Each piece of his debut, the 1996 Appassionata collection, was signed with a small inset ruby like a signature.

Inspired by the ancient Egyptians, who considered the gemstone to bring good health, happiness and long life to those who kept one in close contact with the skin, Coin said the gesture was a "romantic way to wish the best to all the people wearing my pieces"; a tender secret message, revealing itself only to the wearer.

These small hidden rubies have become a hallmark of Coin's designs, and a tradition that has continued until today throughout each of his five annual collections.

roberto coin

The Appassionata collection was only just the beginning of a story that has now firmly placed Roberto Coin in the upper echelons of the fine jewellery industry – and one that has seen him traverse cultures and influences, nature and landscapes, the past and the future as he sources inspiration for each alluring new piece.

Perhaps it is the brand's expert 18kt goldsmiths that distinguish them – from their hand-hammered pieces to the individually polished Pois Moi collection – or their conflict-free diamonds garnered exclusively from legitimate sources that subscribe to the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) and the System of Warranties. Perhaps it simply boils down to Roberto Coin's ability to – time and again – create striking, versatile and timeless designs.

roberto coin

Since its inception, Roberto Coin's identity has continued to be written in harmony with this ideal, and the brand's latest collections, Venetian Princess, Princess Flower, Princess Diamond, and Love In Verona, are the latest chapters to be written in this narrative. Whether Coin's designs are walking up the stairs of the Met Gala or adorning former first lady Michelle Obama, they are tactile reminders of the elegance and innovation at the heart of the brand's story, and imbue each wearer with their designer's passion for life, and boundless imagination.

Roberto Coin is available in over 1,000 retailers globally, or online via their website. Discover more about their collections on the Roberto Coin website.


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