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Editor’s Letter: Introducing the ‘Intuition’ issue

Editor’s Letter: Introducing the ‘Intuition’ issue

“I have been and still am a seeker, but I have ceased to question stars and books; I have begun to listen to the teaching my blood whispers to me.”  – Hermann Hesse 

More often than we would wish for, there are moments in our lives when things happen that make no sense at all.

Whether wild, unimaginable twists or just vaguely uncomfortable interludes, we are often left blank. Wondering. How and why?

We turn to our books, reinvestigate our faith or find ourselves drawn to symbolism, and then after a while we retreat. Not to hide – although it would be fathomable under the circumstances –- but as a necessity to find the space to receive from within. A refuge to open our hearts to the messages hidden in our thoughts and beings. We make room for intuition. That non-conscious, emotional information we often put to the side, believing the real stuff happens only at that intersection of instinct and logic. On these days – and when they happen, man, do we know it – the science of reasoning lets us down and the only thing interesting to us is what we feel and how to move through it.

We dedicate this issue to those who are here. 

In feelings over facts.

Heart over head. 

Believing in the wisdom from within above all else.

Just enough to brave the new day.

To learn about our cover star, Emily Miller, read more through our model profile. To experience the Intuition issue in its entirety, the September edition of RUSSH will be available on newsstands from 31 August and through our shop onlineFind a stockist near you.

PHOTOGRAPHY Jesse Lizotte @Bernstein & Andriulli⁠
FASHION Charlotte Agnew⁠
MODEL Emily Miller @ Next Models
HAIR Hide Suzuki⁠
MAKEUP Asami Matsuda @ Saint Luke Artists⁠⁠
PHOTOGRAPHER’S ASSISTANTS Alex Johnstone and Nathanial Jerome
PRODUCER Julia Clark

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