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Rising voices: the next generation of climate justice crusaders

A movement is only composed of people moving - Gloria Steinhem.

Inspired by the scale of the School Strike 4 Climate last week, a collective of Sydney creatives (including directors, producers, photographers and editors from the advertising, fashion and music industries) joined forces to amplify the urgent message that we need immediate climate action, and give voice to the young Australians that are leading this important movement.

The result is an intimate, raw and evocative series from directors Cybele Malinowski and Charlie Ford, filmed during the Sydney strike on September 20 and capturing the present sense of panic, fear and hope gripping the next generation of Australians.

DIRECTORS Cybele Malinowski and Charlie Ford
CAMERA Jonathan Baker
SOUND Oliver Dibley
EDITOR Nick Maher
MUSIC Nick Littlemore
CREW Peter Simon Phillips, Hamish McIntosh, Zaal Kaboli and Halycon Powe