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All the best internet reactions to Rihanna at the 2023 Super Bowl

rihanna super bowl 2023

I can tell you how many years it's been since Rihanna last performed publicly (seven). I can tell you all the theories around which song she's meant to play first at the Super Bowl (fingers crossed for We Found Love); how many times she's changed the setlist (39) or the artists Rihanna is due to bring onstage – personally, I'm holding out for Janet Jackson. Turns out the second performer was with her this whole time. But I needed to google what teams were actually playing the NFL final. Which tells you a lot about what's being said ahead of the championship game.

The 57th annual Super Bowl is taking place as we speak, with live coverage of the event beginning at 10am AEDT. And while it's always a huge event in any sports fan's calendar, in 2023 the rest of us know it simply as Rihanna's Halftime Show. After a drought of music and anything other than Fenty Beauty, Ri is back to exorcise our souls from our bodies.

So bust out the buffalo wings, open Twitter and be prepared to cry and shake your ass simultaneously as a 17-year-long career is condensed into a mere 13 minutes of power. The 2023 Super Bowl is finally here and with it, Rihanna's long anticipated return to the stage. Will she announce a surprise album to back it up? We've decided not to get our hopes up. After all, she did tell the Associated Press, "Super Bowl is one thing. New music is another thing. Do you hear that, fans?”

Watch us make a seven course degustation out of these crumbs, along with the rest of the internet, as we bring you the best Twitter reactions to Rihanna's Halftime Show AKA the 2023 Super Bowl.

























Don't be sad that it's over. Smile that is happened. Also, don't forget there's still a Rihanna Super Bowl documentary to come, which you can read about here.

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