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A master of elegance, Regé-Jean Page has been announced as the latest Longines ambassador

Regé-Jean Page Longines ambassador

Although Regé-Jean Page may no longer be our Duke of Hastings, one thing that hasn't changed is his impeccable style. Both on and off the red carpet, Page possesses a charm and sense of elegance that simply can't be denied. A swagger that turns heads – and one that is always paired with his signature smirk. It certainly comes as no surprise then, that Page has been announced as the newest Ambassador of Elegance for Swiss watchmaker, Longines.

As an actor, who during his short time in the public eye, has already managed to permeate an elegance that transcends both borders and generations; the newfound relationship between Page and Longines is cerebral. The Bridgerton star brings his innate sense of style and fresh self-awareness to the role; two characteristics that are not only intrinsic to the Longines brand, but are also fundamental to becoming an Ambassador of Elegance.


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Speaking on the new partnership, Longines' CEO Matthias Breschan shared; "An actor with Regé-Jean's talent, poise and presence only comes along a few times in a generation. He has already accomplished so much but it is clear that this is only the beginning of what will be a magnificent career, It's fair to say that he redefines elegance and all of us at Longines are excited to welcome him to the family."

Breschan is certainly right about this only being the beginning for Page. While he may have moved on from the Shonda Rhimes cinematic universe, he has no shortage of projects up his sleeve. Aside from recently joining forces with everyone's favourite meditation app, Calm, Page has been confirmed in the leading role for Paramount Picture's reboot of The Saint; as well as the production company's upcoming blockbuster, Dungeons and Dragons.

As for what Page himself thinks of his transcendental charm both on and off the screen, he says; "I like to hold myself to a standard of elegance, which means carrying myself with a certain consciousness."

Part of that is a generosity and living in a way that is helpful to other people. In doing that, you can bring more beauty to the world."


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