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Quietening the mind and sitting still: the best meditation apps to help you survive 2021


There seems to be this misconstrued idea that to meditate, one must be able to shut off all their thoughts and be able to sit solemnly in silence. Otherwise, it's not considered as really meditating or worse yet, that you are simply, someone, who cannot meditate.

If it's any testament to any of your meditating concerns or worries, there have been many Buddhist monks and spiritual teachers before us, who still speak of meditation troubles. As this is, and seems to be, the human condition in which we live and an undeniable truth for the human mind in its sheer existence. So, before we launch into the most beautiful (and simple) intricacies of why we meditate, we are here to assure you, that no one is too beginner or too advanced to start, and that beneath all this spiritual and wellness fluff - meditating is simply an ancient practice that's actually very basic and accessible for all.

To meditate is to simply sit. We allow ourselves the sacred time and permission to sit in the seat of our thoughts, for however long our time allows. And whether that be "sitting in shit" or sitting in something so uncomfortable - we try, perhaps for the first time, to not resist anything and just allow whatever to come up and through. We sit and observe, without passing any judgement, from the seat of pure objectivity, trying not to avoid, skip, banish, or fixate on any thought or feeling - to meditate is simply to cultivate; where we don't attach meaning to anything and allow what is, to simply, just be.

For years, meditating has allowed me to walk myself through life - through all its heartbreak, loss of loved ones, tides of emotional erraticism, the good the bad, the sick and the healthy. To me, it has now become home, something I always have to return too. And with so much talk of how to do it, who to do it with, which modality to commit too, how much to pay (meditation should very much always be free) - it appears it's becoming a little complicated and overwhelming for some and so here we are for those who are looking to start.

So below, from one avid meditator to the next, we have rounded up some of the easiest and most accessible meditation apps that are here to assist. From Eddie Stern's free and easy Breathing App to soundscapes with OPPO, RUSSH rounds up the easiest meditation apps for you to get started below.



The Breathing App by Eddie Stern

Honestly - my favourite. If you don't want to look any further, just start here.



Insight Timer

An overwhelming large resource of different guided meditations if that is more what you are after, along with different talks, spiritual lectures and courses from all around.



OPPO Relax

Beautiful soundscapes and easy to navigate meditations from breathing techniques to meditative sound baths.



Glo Yoga & Meditation App

If you are ever looking to integrate a yoga practice in with your meditation practice - I cannot, cannot, recommend Yoga Glo enough.




Possibly one of the biggest meditation apps on the market, and big for a good reason. If you are completely new or curious to start, none is more accessible and easy than Headspace.




Minimal, sleek and no frills - Ensō is an app that won't interfere with your practice too much but offers some guidance while also giving you the space to leave your practice up to you.




An all encompassing app including nature sounds, guided meditations and step by step breathing exercises.




If the world of Vedic meditation (mantra meditation) is more something you want to explore, along with traditional sacred sounds and Sanskrit - Sattva will have you covered.


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