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Jump into bed with Regé-Jean Page who is the latest hunk to lend his voice to Calm

Regé-Jean Page Calm

It was a little over a year ago when we were treated to the delightful news that our beloved Harry Styles, was lending his voice to everyone's favourite meditation and mindfulness app, Calm. Having Styles in our ears and reading us bedtime stories is a dream we know we share with countless others across the planet; so it was no surprise that his debut on the app was met with such success. It did, however, get us thinking – who would be the next gorgeous creature to jump on board? Enter Regé-Jean Page, the latest man crush of ours to soothe us to sleep courtesy of Calm.

For most – if not all of us – the mention of Page brings us straight back to the soothing voice of Simon Hastings, aka Duke of Hastings in the Netflix hit-show Bridgerton. Oh, what we would give to have him whisper "I burn for you" in our ears... Ok, clearly things are getting a little derailed here, but we know you don't disagree.

Page is joining an already impressive list of past Calm collaborators – the likes of Matthew McConaughey, Idris Elba and of course Styles – as a part of the app's Sleep Stories series. As tends to be the case, we don't yet know exactly what stories Page will be narrating; only that they will be titled The Prince & The Naturalist with the description "in Olde England, a naturalist and his royal pupil find that Nature is the best teacher." Does this mean we might actually get the Bridgerton crossover moment we have been waiting for?

Despite stepping down from the series after the first season, this hasn't slowed Page's reign by any means. The actor has been confirmed to star in the film reboot of The SaintSo, I guess we can rest assured that he isn't planning on going anywhere, anytime soon.

Stay tuned for more to come on Regé-Jean Page and his stint with Calm.


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