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A device that applies your skin and hair care in fifteen seconds? Tell us more

It's safe to say that almost all of our bathroom cabinets will feature some sort of beauty tool. Whether it's a LED face mask or a jade-roller, we're no strangers to the various accoutrement needed for skin upkeep. One device that's caught our eye of late, comes from Swiss beauty brand Réduit. Literally translating to 'reduced' in French, this word is an apt description of the companies ethos. Products are made with the intention of being easy to use, devoid of any unnecessary fillers and mindful of their environmental impact.


The Réduit Uni

Their latest release, the Réduit Uni, is a multi-tasking device that aims to make the application of both skin and hair treatments quicker and more effective. A lazy gals dream. The way the Uni works is you insert a product pod into the hand-held device which it then disperses onto your skin in an ultra-fine mist using magnetic technology.  As a fine-mist, your skin and hair absorbs the product much better than if it were in a cream form. This method created by Réduit removes the need for binding agents and unnecessary fillers. Instead it leaves room for a higher concentration of powerful antioxidants and the active ingredients your skin actually wants. As someone who can be a little rough when applying face creams, especially under the eyes, having a neat applicator like this means less dragging and pulling of my skin. Respite I'm sure my skin enjoys.

With the Réduit Uni, you don't need to break out the frozen peas to understand just how much you should apply. All the pods come in 5mls and can be applied in literally fifteen seconds. I'm not kidding, it's speedy. The Uni can be used across both hair and skin ranges from Réduit which is exciting because it means less packaging waste when you're done. And what's fun is that the battery can last for up to three months. A handy feature for travelling or when we're feeling particularly lazy.

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