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Is your pillowcase the secret to real beauty sleep?

One of the things I've learned about pillowcases is that they're a breeding ground for bacteria. The exact opposite thing you want to plunge your face into for eight hours each night. Particularly just after you've applied your serums, gua sha-ed and done everything possible to coddle your skin.

The solution is a simple one. For many of us this realisation has meant switching up our regular cotton pillowcases to silk ones instead. Whether it's in the name of bouncier curls or to trouble-shoot acne, the silk pillowcase has become an extension of our beauty and skincare regimes. And one of our favourites comes from Silvi.

Silvi's founders Max Hertan and Ben Goodman created the brand believing that skincare should start before you break out in pimples or patches of dry skin. As someone with serially dry skin, this speaks to me. I've learned slapping large amounts of moisturiser and hyaluronic acid onto my skin does not a solution make. But something simple like adding an Anti-Acne Pillowcase is more effective. All of Silvi's pillowcases are treated with silver, a necessary step in preventing breakouts. The silk is also hyper-allergenic and baby soft, so it doesn't inflame or irritate my skin when it's feeling dry. It's more gentle too and doesn't tug on or wrinkle my cheeks the same way a cotton one would. J'adore.

During the middle of summer, Silvi's Anti-Acne Pillowcase is a relief. It wicks away any sweat that comes with not having air-con, or a fan for that matter, in my small apartment.

For my vegan friends, Silvi has an option that's non-silk but comes with all the benefits of the real thing. It's made from bamboo lyocell, a fibre that uses 98 percent less water during production than say, cotton would. Silvi's pillowcases are all cruelty and chemical free, already a recipe for a better nights sleep.


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Images: The Grange, Sammi Louis