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Uma Thurman is set to play POTUS in the book to film adaptation of ‘Red, White, and Royal Blue’

red, white, and royal blue

Well, it's about time we had another woman in the big leather chair of the oval office, even it is just for film purposes. We certainly haven't been shy of great female political content of late with the recent drop of First Lady premiering last month and now we've been given the gift of the film adaption of bestselling LGBTQIA+ novel, Red, White, and Royal Blue. 


What is Red, White, and Royal Blue about?

Following the story of the book by Casey McQuiston, the film follows Alex after his mother is elected president and he suddenly finds himself in the public eye. A picture of charm ―his image is the subject of much speculation and intrigue for the White House, but there is the underlying issue of his major rivalry with his British counterpart, Prince Henry. The problem reaches a climax when the paparazzi catch a photo of the two engaged in a heated fight. A meeting is orchestrated and things take an interesting turn when the forced friendship turns into a real bond and the two fall for each other, but Alex must keep things at bay as his new love may jeopardise his mother's reelection campaign.

Who is starring in Red, White, and Royal Blue ?

Uma Thurman is set to star as U.S. President, Ellen Claremont. Joining her is Minx actor Taylor Zakhar Perez, who will play her son, Alex, with Cinderella's Nicholas Galitzine rounding out the trio as Prince Henry. The award wining play right Matthew López will jumping on to write and direct the adaptation, upon the reveal, he said, “Her (Thurman's) intelligence, warmth, and humour are a perfect match for Casey’s iconic character. I cannot wait to be on our Oval Office set with her.”

When will the film adaptation be released?

Red, White, and Royal Blue is set to begin the early stages of production in the UK next month and will be released by Amazon Prime. This comes after Thurman will finish wrapping The Kill Room with her real life offspring Maya Hawke who's currently making waves in the latest season of Stranger Things.

All in all, we'll keep you posted with all things coming up from the talented Thurman household.

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