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When it comes to stress our hair isn't usually the first thing we think of. Even if you're not someone who regularly bleaches or uses heat tools on your hair however, it's likely it could do with some extra love. Sun and salt water, over-cleansing or even going too long between cuts (thank you lockdown) can leave your hair feeling dry and prone to breakage. Lucky the new R+Co ON A CLOUD collection is here to get your hair back on track.


The R+Co ON A CLOUD Collection:

Featuring Baobab Oil - an oil rich in lipids and proteins, which are essential to strengthen weakened hair - the R+Co ON A CLOUD collection is here to save the day.

What does baobab oil actually do though? Well, first we need to understand why hair breaks.

Our hair is reliant on integral bonds that hold together keratin protein, our hair’s building blocks. Chemical processes and heat styling weaken these bonds. When bonds break the hair loses its strength and leads to breakage.

Baobab helps repair these bonds, rebuilding the keratin bonds in the hair cortex. By providing nourishment and hydration baobab therefore helps to keep hair in a healthier state so people can continue with their daily hair routines. In short, it does all the hard work so you can keep living your life without having to worry about dry, dull hair that's prone to breakage.

Featuring the Baobab Oil Repair Shampoo, Baobab Oil Masque and Baobab Oil Repair Splash-On Styler, the ON A CLOUD system works synergistically for repair. The oil shampoo gently cleanses, the masque provides most of the repair by penetrating into the cortex, and the leave-in provides the repair benefits throughout the day while also protecting hair from styling processes.



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How to enter:

To get your hands on an R+Co haircare pack worth over $500 simply enter your details below. By entering you'll go in the running to win a the ON A CLOUD Shampoo, ON A CLOUD Masque, ON A CLOUD Splash On Styler, SUNCATCHER, DREAMHOUSE, ZIG ZAG, WATERFALL, TWO WAY MIRROR, DART POMADE, DEATH VALLEY and SPIRITUALISED.

Competition closes October 27.  Terms and conditions apply.



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