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Myth-busting – are these common haircare claims true or false

We hear a lot of big claims and a tonne of marketing scare tactics in the realm of beauty. And many of them swirl around the topic of haircare.

You've probably heard a few yourself. Bleaching dark hair makes it go orange. Swimming in pools turns blonde hair green. But what's true and what's just a well-circulated myth?

We spoke to Kirby Lago hair expert and owner of Pelo by Lago salon to understand the myths and facts in a range of common haircare claims. Below, she reveals whether we do need to be using a mask weekly and if products can actually mend split ends.


Do you need to get your haircut every six weeks?

Your time period of haircuts is very much determined by your hair style and hair type.

The best way to check when you are due for your next cut, is the health of your ends. Are they split? If they are, make sure you get regular cuts to seal off ends to avoid the split from traveling further up the hair strand.


Do hot tools really damage your hair?

Absolutely! Hair tools are one of the most damaging things you can do to your hair. Personally as a blonde, I never put heat on my hair without using a protector. I love the KMS ThermShape 2 in 1 Spray. This is applied to dry hair before curling or straightening with a hot tool. Being an aerosol spray, It distributes more eventually. This is my fave because it's lightweight!


Does swimming in a pool turn blonde hair green?

Yes unfortunately. The copper has a reaction to the chlorine in the water that forms a film and sticks to your hair, which is much more noticeable on blondes.


Should you actually use a hair mask every week?

Yes! But it needs to be the correct mask for your hair. If your hair is in need of a health boost then the Goldwell Kerasilk Reconstruct Mask would be perfect. I find it does its job without making the hair feel too heavy. I personally use this every wash instead of a conditioner.


Should you really avoid brushing your hair when wet?

Yes! The hair is in its most vulnerable state when wet as the hair bonds are broken down and can be easily over stretched causing damage and breakage.


Can hair products actually mend split ends?

Yes! Goldwell has a split end serum in its Kerasilk reconstruct range that puts a seal over split ends to create a barrier and then injects ingredients to aid the hair in rebonding. Some ends though, are beyond repair.


Is curly hair truly drier than straight?

Yes, due to the shape of the hair strand it is typically dryer then straight hair and more affected by the environment. Curly hair loves moisture. My recommendation for my curly hair clients is to replace the water in the hair follicle with a moisture rich product immediately. This decreases the frizziness of the hair dramatically. Leaving your chosen product in the shower is a great trick. KMS Moist Repair Revival Creme is one of my faves!


Does washing your hair less make it less oily?

Yes absolutely. Your body responds to what it thinks you need. So if you over wash your hair and remove its natural oils too often, It will overproduce oils. After pushing out the frequency of your washes, the oil levels will begin to rebalance.


Should we be avoiding sulfates in shampoo?

Sulfates remove dirt and oil from your hair and scalp but are thought to be too harsh and can leave your hair and scalp both feeling dry. The hair benefits from retaining some of these natural oils are necessary for your hair to stay healthy.


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