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Fenty Beauty Global MUA Hector Espinal reveals why you’ll love the new Eaze Drop Blurring Skin Tint

The latest addition to the Fenty Beauty complexion range is here - and it's a product we know you're going to be excited about.

Introducing the new Eaze Drop Blurring Skin Tint, a foundation of the sheer variety. Joining the ranks of Fenty's other celebrated complexion products and new releases like the Pro Filt'r Foundation Powder, the new Skin Tint is a little different to the rest.

This complexion product has been designed for skinimalism, allowing you to perfect that 'no-makeup' makeup look. It blurs imperfections and smoothes out any colour inconsistency but always lets your own skin shine through. It corrects but doesn't cover. It helps but never hides who you are.

In the lead up to the launch, we connected with Hector Espinal Fenty Beauty Global MUA to find out more. As a global beauty expert, of course we had a lot of questions. He told us all about the Eaze Drop Blurring Skin Tint, dished on whether he's a brush or a sponge person and also revealed a few of his favourite makeup hacks.


Can you tell us a little bit about the new skin tint? What do you love about it?

Fenty Beauty’s new Eaze Drop Blurring Skin Tint basically acts as a light coverage foundation because it blurs your skin and evens your complexion, with a lightweight easy-to-apply formula. My skin is on the drier side, so I love that the formula is hydrating, layers easily over my primer and skincare, and feels so comfortable to wear all day. It’s lightweight, non-greasy and creamy, so it works for all skin types, whether you have dry, oily or combination skin and is perfect for when I want every day, natural makeup that actually lasts!


How is a tint different from a regular foundation?

A skin tint typically has less pigment in the formula, so it provides less coverage than your standard foundation. They are the perfect foundations to get a low-key, no makeup makeup look that still lets your skin peek through – so it looks incredibly natural.


What are your favourite makeup trends right now?

Right now, it’s all about healthy, glowing skin! I’m loving light-weight, easy makeup that really enhances your skin and features. Also, since we’re all wearing masks, I’m focusing much more on drawing attention to the eyes with pops of colour and long lashes! For an eye-catching pop of colour, I recommend using a Flypencil Eyeliner in a bright shade that complements your eye colour. And then of course apply a few coats of Full Frontal Mascara to get amazing, voluminous lashes.


When you’re creating new looks, where do you get your inspiration from?

Inspiration can come from anywhere - it’s all about being observant, curious and creative. Study colours, textures, and shapes around you. Think about what is appealing to you and how it could translate to a makeup look. For example, I’ll see beautiful colours in nature, and then I’m thinking about how I can use that to inspire a look.


What's your absolute favourite kind of look to do?

I’m not sure I have one favourite, but I do love a sultry 90’s monochromic look with a brown smoky eye, bronzed skin and a matching lip. A great trick for getting the perfect monochromatic tones is to use your Sun Stalk’r Instant Warmth Bronzer both as your face bronzer and smoked out as a shadow on the eyes. Finish with a Stunna Lip in the brown shade Unveiled.


What’s your favourite makeup hack?

One of my favourite foundation hacks is to wet my sponge with cold water, so the pores remain nice and tight while you’re applying foundation, and it also helps reduce any puffiness. I also recommend always starting your makeup prep with moisturiser and primer. A primer will ensure your makeup lasts longer and wears better throughout the day. It also helps smooth the skin to create the perfect canvas for foundation application.


Are you a brush or sponge kind of person?

Both! I usually start with my brushes for precision and control. I then remove unwanted texture with a cold
damped sponge, so the skin looks nice and natural.


What’s the best beauty advice you’ve ever received?

Less is more when applying makeup. You want to apply makeup in thin layers for the most beautiful, natural
finish that enhances your skin without looking like you’re wearing a lot of makeup.


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Images: @fentybeauty @artbyhector