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PRICIE wants you to dance — and her new single ‘M.O.M (Money On Me)’ is the perfect soundtrack

pricie money on me

PRICIE is throwing it back in her latest single M.O.M (Money On Me). Back to her first year studying psychology, when she was living in a share house and strapped for cash. Right back to a time when love was a time sink and she was "just not interested in dealing with anybody's bullshit".

Of course, PRICIE tells RUSSH she's in a "completely different place now". At the tail end of her degree and in the wake of the success of her first single too dang good, this should come as no surprise. More than anything, it resonates as a token of that period, anchoring PRICIE to the journey it took to get here.

The track itself is one to marinate in. The beat is languid yet potent, and paired with the soulful vocals of PRICIE becomes an anthem of self-love and self-respect. One to dance with alone at home or surrounded by a room of sweaty, swaying bodies. It's all PRICIE wanted really – for listeners to hear M.O.M (Money On Me) and feel the "pure urge to dance". That, and to "reminisce on the time when money and happiness unfortunately didn’t go hand in hand," she says.

And yet, the best of PRICIE is still to come. Forming part of the announcement of M.O.M (Money On Me) was news that the Melbourne-based artist will be dropping her debut EP It's PRICIE very soon. According to the musician, she hopes it will allow listeners to see the variations of PRICIE and amount to a beautiful moment, one "that needs no introduction, no explanation but just pure savoury".

Watch the music video to M.O.M (Money On Me) from PRICIE below and listen to the new track on Spotify, iTunes or wherever you get your music.

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