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Press play: Emerson Snowe’s latest release takes us home

Emerson Snowe has been quietly making waves with his recent debut EP, That’s Rock 'n' Roll. His latest single, Our Home, features the singer-songwriter's trademark poignant lyrics that stick in your mind long after you’ve hit play. Written after returning from a trip to the UK where he was dealing with a heartbreak, this is the post-breakup mantra we’re keeping on file, just in case. “But sadness is a process if you think about it lightly, you can only quit it on your own

The accompanying film clip, shot on Super 8 by Andrew Kaineder, take us on a cinematic stroll and manages to perfectly capture the mood of emerging from that a post-breakup haze. With his slightly off kilter, nonchalant attitude, we’re not sure where Emerson Snowe will take us next but, for now, we’re happy to be home.