The upcoming Pisces New Moon is the game-changing lunar event we’ve all been waiting for

Pisces new Moon

The upcoming Pisces New Moon on the 3rd of March is a blockbuster on the lunar calendar. It’s the astrological equivalent to the long-awaited Jurassic World Dominion, starring the evergreen Laura Dern and the admittedly fascinating Jeff Goldblum. This big spectacle in the sky, which will be occurring on Thursday, promises to be extra fertile due to benevolent Jupiter and dreamy Neptune also at home in compassionate Pisces. Here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of this transit.

In general, a New Moon represents the best time of the month to inaugurate projects and set intentions. There is something about the fresh, initiatory power of this lunation (when the Sun and Moon are conjunct in the sky every 28 days or so) that practically begs us to plant the seeds of our desires into the rich cosmic loam that the New Moon provides.

To ensure that we are maximising the power of our intentions and goals, however, we want to make certain that they are in line with the energy of a given lunation. A New Moon in conservative Capricorn is not the same as a New Moon in fiery Aries. Setting intentions at lunar loggerheads could be counterproductive to what you are trying to accomplish for the day, week, month, or year.

As a case in point, consider a New Moon in objective Aquarius (a fixed air sign, ruled by serious Saturn). Our goals and intentions under this Moon should have more to do with Aquarian and/or Saturn-oriented themes like discipline, work, commitment, or humanitarianism. During this transit, it would make little sense to plan a trip to Vegas for some blackjack. Instead it would be far more productive, for example, to start on the onerous application process to law school. Working with the signature of a lunar transit will help supercharge your intentions.

With this in mind, what are the things to be aware of for the Pisces New Moon on Thursday? How to best work with it? Naturally this lunation will gather its energy from the Fishes (compassion, sensitivity, dreaminess, and creativity). As a mutable water sign, Pisces is not for rectilinear perspectives or logical deductions. Consequently, this is not a time to set goals related to, say, finishing taxes, crunching numbers, or seeking comfortable compatibility in romance. Go bigger with goals, desires, and intentions during this New Pisces Moon. Think leaps in your life rather than incremental steps.

Pay attention to the fact, too, that generous Jupiter will be at home in the Fishes. Jupiter “rules” Pisces, meaning it helps to bring abundance through compassion. While helping others (family, friends, and/or strangers) in the spirit of selfless generosity is always, of course, a noble goal, it is one that will be particularly supported by this lunation. Any project or intention with a selfless, compassionate, and Jupiterian leaning should be uploaded to the Excel spreadsheet of the cosmic computer on the 3rd. Such an intention needn’t be grandiose. It can be as minor as “Babysit my sister’s kid next week so she can go to the Justin Timberlake concert.”

Dreamy Neptune, the other ruling planet of the Fishes, will also be photobombing the cosmic picture on the 3rd. Herein lies a bit of a caveat. Neptune is known for artistic genius but also for creating confusion, delusion, and illusion. An indication of this Neptune placement around the Pisces New Moon could be overly extravagant goals or ones detached from reality. To this caveat, we say: so what? When it comes to being visionary, the more fantasy, the merrier.

And it is precisely this suggestion of “fantasy” that finally brings us to a few ideas for things to do and places to see on March 3rd. This short list is meant merely to help you feel more aligned to the spiritual pulse of our universe.

Be near art. Pisces is the ultimate sensitive artiste of the signs. Because this lunation is more about what could be rather than what ought to be or what is, hunker down in your studio or immerse yourself in a museum or concert hall. Be open to the kaleidoscopic and prismatic worlds within worlds of these utopian spaces.

On a related note, escape into or enact some sort of fantasy, erotic or otherwise. The idea is to get beyond the strictures of humdrum reality and into the dreamscape of the Pisces New Moon.

Merge with the One. Given the mystical nature of Pisces, consider some sort of ecstatic communion through meditation, yoga, or Shaker worship in the zen calm of the Ashram. Dissolving rigid boundaries of the Self signals the kind of transcendence we should aim for this lunation.


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Photo by Siim Lukka on Unsplash