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Australian photographers are donating their work to raise funds for civilians in Gaza

photographs for peace fundraiser

Every time we go online or read the news, we encounter evidence of unthinkable human suffering. Entire generations of Palestinian families have been wiped out, WCNSF is a new acronym being used in Gazan hospitals as a shorthand for wounded children with no surviving family, and in Tel Aviv, thousands turned out to a recent 24-hour rally demanding that Israeli hostages are safely returned home.

As Israel's war on Gaza surpasses 100 days, 31 Australian photographers from Agender collective are joining forces to raise funds for the emergency efforts of Médecins Sans Frontières and Save the Children. The photographers, which include names like Yasmin Suteja, Anna Pogossova, Sim Kaur, Ming Nomchong, Michele Aboud, Cybele Malinowski, and Lilli Waters, have each donated a print as part of the charity, entitled Photographs for Peace.

“I feel completely helpless,” says photographer Amy Woodward. "This feels like a small gesture of solidarity and support as I sit here in safety and comfort, witnessing the most abhorrent and brutal attacks on a population comprised of 50 per cent children and babies."

The fundraiser will launch on January 19 and run through to February 2. Every dollar raised above basic print costs and payment processing fees will go directly to the charities, both of which are calling for an enduring ceasefire. Lucent Imaging, a carbon neutral fine art printing and digital imaging consultancy, has teamed up with Agender to create the prints, which are priced at an accessible $70.

You can sign up to be notified when the Photographs for Peace fundraiser is live at Agender's website.

The Gaza Ministry of Health reports that at least 24,000 Palestinians have been killed since October 7, while 136 Israeli civilians are still held captive by Hamas. Meanwhile, South Africa has taken Israel to the International Court of Justice, accusing the state of committing acts of genocide. Read more about the hearings here.


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One: Cybele Malinowski, Wunderlost Pyrocumulonimbus Cloud

Two: Bec Lorrimer, Costa Brava