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Phoebe Tonkin’s next role? Adapting this Australian crime thriller into a series

phoebe tonkin the dark lake

Did you consume Boy Swallows Universe as greedily as we did? Trent Dalton's novel-turned-series is a gritty, engrossing tale about 80s Brisbane, and the secret sauce is Phoebe Tonkin's performance. Luckily for us, Tonkin is joining forces with the same team behind the hit Netflix show in order to adapt another Australian novel: The Dark Lake by Melbourne-based author Sarah Bailey. Below, find everything we know about the project.

What is The Dark Lake about?

The Dark Lake is the first book in Bailey's murder mystery, crime thriller series centering a local police woman christened Gemma Woodstock. When a young teacher is murdered in a small town and her body is found at a nearby lake strewn with roses, Woodstock is assigned the case. Soon we learn that the woman is Woodstock's high school nemesis. But finding the killer is not so simple, especially when each clue threatens to resurface other long-buried secrets.

Upon its release in 2018, the novel was awarded the Ned Kelly Award and the Sisters in Crime Davitt Award for a debut crime novel. Other titles in the Gemma Woodstock series include, Into the Night set in Melbourne's CBD, and Where the Dead Go, which is based around a tight-knit coastal community.

Who is involved?

As predicted, Phoebe Tonkin will star in the series as Gemma Woodstock. “We have been waiting for years to find the actress that could play Gemma Woodstock," says Troy Lum of production company Brouhaha Entertainment. "She is feisty, complex and brilliant and has a loyal fanbase of readers. Phoebe’s performance in Boy Swallows Universe blew us away and we knew we finally had an actress who could do Gemma justice.” The actress will also executive produce the series, while screenwriter Becca Johnstone is behind The Dark Lake script.

Is there a release date?

There's no release date just yet. Hold tight!


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