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Looking for a new workout to fall in love with? This fitness routine might be the answer

Is starting a new fitness regime one of your new years resolutions, but you're not quite sure where to start? You're not alone. Implementing goals and commitments is all about being realistic and smart, finding something that is both fun and motivating. But we get it, committing can be difficult, and if you too seek variety in your exercise but don't want to commit to a full year's gym membership, turns out more than half of Australia feels the same way too. With many of us, it's about finding a workout routine that fits into our daily schedule and life.

One of the most ebulliently proud communities is the Peloton. Every use is like a sermon, finding comfort and relaxation in something you enjoy and you're motivated to be a part of. The appeal not only comes from its convenience which allows you to ride your Peloton bike practically anywhere, but perhaps it's the inspiration from instructors like Tunde Oyeneyin that guide with warmth and strength. There's an alluring nature about the Peloton bike that goes beyond being a physical activity, that connects your mind to your body, elevating not just your energy but your mood.

How to begin your Peloton journey

In the whirlwind of urban living, where time slips through our fingers and space is a coveted luxury, Peloton is the avant-garde solution for the contemporary person who likes a private exercise routine, and at the ready, in the space of your own home. Promises of the efficiency in a time-crunched life, you can say goodbye to the rigid time restrained classes and find your own rhythm. Or perhaps having the support of an instructor guide you, whether it be on the bike or pilates, and many more, the Peloton app can assist with live or pre-recorded classes.

And for the discerning fitness devotee who values the intimacy of a solo workout but craves an adventure, the Peloton bike can take you for a ride through the cities of Paris, Brazil and more. It's where privacy meets wanderlust, and personal comfort is achieved into your fitness regime.

Taking on your exercise goals is all about how you perceive them, and like a relationship, you're not going to commit to something you're not interested in. At the start of getting into an exercise routine it's more achievable if you start slow, and find a friend or community such as Pelotons to gain support, and don't be afraid to change your routine with different experiences and classes to mix it up. If you want to add personalisation, with a touch of urban sophistication to your 2024 exercise routine, the Peloton bike might just be your new favourite thing.


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