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BAINA are hosting free communal bathing sessions at Melbourne’s Inner Studio

BAINA are hosting free communal bathing sessions at Melbourne's Inner Studio

Fostering connection through the practice of bathing is at the core of Antipodean towelling brand BAINA's ethos. For them, embracing traditional practices and bringing together community are how they create space for connections – and bring together those who share the brand's love for the rituals that surround the daily practice of bathing.

Last year, the brand's SUBMERGED image series celebrated the rituals of outdoor bathing – across tidal rock pools and solitary ocean bathing – but now they are taking their affinity a step further with the introduction of their new Communal Bathing series.

Inspired by the importance of carving out a uniquely intimate space for togetherness, BAINA creative director and CEO Baily Meredith said, "We wanted to create a space for connection on a deeper level. To speak to our values of community and bathing – beyond just our product."

"Our brand’s identity is deeply rooted in the belief that bathing as an intentional practice can be an everyday act of self-care. We look forward to building a community around bathing through this series, providing space for genuine connection."

BAINA's first instalment of their Communal Bathing series will be held in collaboration with Inner Studio, one of Melbourne's newest wellness spaces in the heart of Collingwood. The studio centres on group resilience classes in the areas of breathwork, yoga and hot and cold exposure bathing.

"We wanted to create a space where people could overcome modern day stressors," said Ben Sinclair of Inner Studio. "By exposing the mind, body and nervous system to extreme environments in a controlled setting, we begin to build resilience to general stress, allowing us to lead happier and more purposeful lives."

BAINA and Inner Studio wil be hosting four complementary (yes, free) communal bathing sessions through the month of February. Inner Studio will guide attendees through their signature Awaken Class, inclusive of 20 minutes of deep breathwork to energise the mind and body, a three-minute cold plunge, followed by time in the traditional sauna and hot plunge pool.


Post-plunge, participants will be invited to towel off with some of BAINA's organic cotton towelling and relax over herbal tea and responsibly-sourced coffee from Stella. Hydrating and soothing Sans [ceuticals] shower products will also be available for a quick pre-departure rinse off.

When are the sessions being hosted?

The ephemeral Communal Bathing Series – lasting only for one month, will feature four complimentary sessions, taking place from 7AM to 8:30AM on Thursday 8 February, Thursday 15February, Thursday 22 February, and Thursday 29 February.

To attend, interested individuals are invited to secure their spot by visiting innerstudio.com, and use the exclusive code SOAK to book their complementary session.

Find out more on BAINA's website.

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