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Patti Smith has been busking at your local polling venue


In some of the most joyful news the hellish US election has churned out all week, our patron saint and guardian angel, Patti Smith has taken to local polling places to sing to voters in line as an act of encouragement.

Can you imagine schlepping to your local venue to cast your ballot that begs for anything but the same result the past 4 years produced, and whilst waiting in line, come across an impromptu Patti Smith concert? If that doesn't motivate reluctant voters to haul ass, I don't know what would. While polls are now closed nationwide, and we feverishly wait for the last swing states to count their mail-in ballots with the hope of Bidens victory, we're taking comfort in whatever we can. In this case, it's Patti Smith's reassuring ballad.

On the Eve of the 2020 US Election, Smith parked herself, alongside longtime band member Lenny Kaye on the crowded streets of New York with fellow voters to sing “People Have the Power”, an apt reminder of the way it looks like things might go, and of course, the power of voting. “People have the power to dream, to rule, to wrestle the world from fools.” She sang, and ain't that the truth. Fools, be gone.



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It would appear Smith isn't the only celebrity wanting to spread some voting cheer, as a Twitter user reported Paul Rudd was roaming the streets of Brooklyn in the pouring rain, handing out cookies to voters. If it were me, a potential Patti Smith serenade and Paul Rudd cookie would be motivation enough to exercise my constitutional right.

While it can be rare to witness celebrities partaking in such wholesome activities, it certainly is welcome amid such a turbulent election, but in the sage words of Smith, the "People Have The Power".

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