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Our latest Indie film obsession is queer French thriller ‘Passages’

As the craze of dynamic duo Greta Gerwig's Barbie and Christopher Nolan's Oppenheimer begins to wind down, and the continued WGA and SAG strikes forces some of Hollywood's biggest production studios to delay the release of their upcoming blockbusters, independent and foreign films are finding unexpected success at the box office.

One such independent release is the latest from American director Ira Sachs, a feature film called Passages – which played on home turf earlier this year's Sydney Film Festival in June. The queer French thriller is packed with the kind of hot, messy drama and erotica that threatens to pique even the most beleaguered of attention spans – and certainly feels like it winks at the genre of 80s and 90s erotic thrillers that have weaselled their way back into popularity this century.

Here's everything we know about the film so far...


What is the film Passages about?

Against the backdrop of modern-day Paris, a German filmmaker, Tomas (played by Franz Rogowski) and his husband, Martin (played by Ben Whishaw), have the boundaries of their 15-year marriage tested and blurred when they each begin to have extramarital affairs.

A jealous battle of contradicting emotions force Tomas and Martin to come to terms with the tumultuous nature of their relationship, and decide whether they can happily reside within the confines of their marriage. The film overall has a lot to say in the mottled discourse about infidelity, love, sex, and monogamy in today's landscape.


When and where can I watch the film Passages?

For now, you'll have to find a screening of Passages at a participating cinema near you. But we're hopeful that the independent film will end up on a major streaming service not too far in the future. We'll keep you updated here as we know more.


Watch the trailer

Watch the latest trailer for Passages below.


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