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This haircare range will lock in moisture and keep frizz at bay

I am of the belief that blowdrying your hair at home will never offer up the same results as if it were done by professionals in a salon. Maybe this speaks more to the fact that I simply don't have the patience, nor the arm strength to hold up a hairdryer for what feels like an hour. Or maybe I just lack the skill. My money is on both. However, there is one promising tool that could change my mind, and it comes from the Panasonic Nanoe range.

Unlike other hairdryers, the Panasonic iterations feature a 'Quick Dry' nozzle that distributes soft and strong airflow to separate your hair strands quickly, and thus us decrease overall drying time. Which as we know, is crucial to maintaining a healthy, moisturised mane - heat is the main culprit of dry hair, when used incorrectly of course. What's also special about both Panasonic hairdryers is the way they integrate Nanoe Technology to maximise moisture and thus hydration in the drying process. Unsure of what this bit of science entails? Read below.

How does the Panasonic Nanoe Technology work?

As has been well established, water is key to hydration. When it comes to what sets Panasonic's Nanoe range apart from other hair tools on the market, it's the science. Trademarked as Nanoe Technology, each tool be it the hair straightener or both hairdryers produce nano-sized water particles which penetrate deep into the hair and ensure that there is enough moisture to keep hair looking and ultimately feeling hydrated and shiny. As we know, especially those of us who blow dry their hair often, the constant heat is a killer, and is a one way ticket to having tired, dry tresses unless of course we put protections in place.

With the festive season coming up, the Panasonic Nanoe collection is a thoughtful gift for the beauty lovers in your life, or for anyone in your orbit that, like me, are ready to call it quits on the blow dry front. You can order a hair straightener or one of the two blowdryers on the Panasonic website or at select retailers.

Here are some signs to look out for that will alert you to dry hair.

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