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Here are the signs that you might have dry hair

Having dry hair is a pain. Speaking as someone with curly hair (which is naturally drier than other type of hair), I can attest that it causes more problem than you realise. Is your hair brittle and breaks all the time? That's due to dryness. Always battling frizz? That's a dry hair issue. Hair won't hold a style? Yep, that's often caused by dry hair too.

But how do you know if your hair is dry and how do you fix it? We spoke to Moroccanoil educator Mia Smith who answered all our questions about dry hair, how to diagnose your issue and if you're at risk over over hydration. Below, she reveals the remedies for dry hair and her best tip for hair health.



What are some of the signs that you might be dealing with dry hair?

Typically dry hair appears flat and dull, think no shine. Dry hair is also usually more difficult to manage and when you touch it, it has a noticeably brittle texture i.e. knots and tangles, etc. If your hair isn’t maintaining a blow-dry this can also be a sign that your hair is lacking hydration levels. Dry hair will also likely have split ends - Moroccanoil Mending Infusion is great to combat those.


Are there kinds of hair that are drier than others?

Yes, 100%! Naturally everyone has different hair types and also various lifestyles, thus providing a variety of reasons why your hair might be drier than another’s. For example, aged hair tends to be drier due to the body creating less oil and also hormones tend to change as we age, coupled with the texture of grey or white hair also being more course in nature. Curly and or coarse hair also tends to be naturally drier.

Then for those with textures that are not naturally prone to dryness there are environmental factors and depending on the climate we live in, sun exposure, wind, the ocean and chlorinated water can all dry out our locks. The types of chemical services we choose to do on our hair can also dry out our locks, especially without the correct home hair care. Finally, even the way we style our hair i.e. blow-drying, curling, ironing, etc can also impact the level of dryness. No matter your hair texture it’s important to set the right foundation – think skincare and sunscreen before your make-up and for this I always recommend the Moroccanoil Treatment or the Moroccanoil Treatment Light.


What are some of the best remedies for dry hair?

The good news for all dry hair, whether by nature or nurture, is that there is an array of sophisticated hair care available to replenish moisture. The holy grail for me at the moment is the new Moroccanoil All in one Leave-In Conditioner, it is a weightless hydrating spray that also provides thermal protection while nourishing and softening the hair for up to 72 hours. This product combined with the Moroccanoil Original Treatment is unbeatable for immediate hydration. For something that feels more like a ritual my go-to masks are the Moroccanoil hydration masks to really conquer dry hair.

The Moroccanoil Weightless Hydrating Mask is, as the name suggests ,‘weightless’ and great for fine dry hair and the Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask is richer in consistency and perfect for medium to thick hair. The Smoothing Mask is another option for very course dry hair, highly concentrated with argan butter as well as the brands signature argan oil, ultimately leaving your hair frizz free. If you're still needing that extra hydration boost I would recommend adding the Hydrating Styling Cream to hydrate and tame those pesky frizzy pieces. It also doubles as the perfect refresher for the next day.


Is it possible to over-hydrate your hair? What might happen if your hair is over-hydrated?

No, I don’t believe that you can over-hydrate the hair. If products are used incorrectly or sufficient hair washing hasn’t been performed this can lead to oiliness of the scalp and be misconceived as too much hydration.


Do you have any tips for battling humidity?

Personally living in Queensland I am constantly dealing with the effects of humidity. If hair hasn’t been given an adequate amount of hydration it will look to the external environment to find it – cue frizz central. Your hair is thirsty for moisture when doing this, when we have rainy days or high amounts of humidity in the atmosphere then hair will find that hydration sooner and go frizzy or fluffy. My advice is to feed your hair plenty of hydration so that it doesn’t need to find moisture from the environment. My daily go-to’s for this are the Moroccanoil All In One Leave-In Conditioner and the Moroccanoil Treatment.


What is your best tip for healthy hair?

Healthy hair comes from the scalp down if you are experiencing an irritated, excessively oily or dry/flaky scalp this should be addressed. The Moroccanoil Dry Scalp Treatment and Oily Scalp Treatment can help clear up any issues you might be having with your scalp. Always make sure that you're using the correct products for your hair and have a trusted hairstylist professionally prescribe the best for you, regularly.


What's the one thing you wish more people knew about hair health?

The power of a really good shampoo. It’s very important to have properly removed all build up and oils from the roots right through to the ends and to always start from a fresh canvas. I'm loving the Moroccanoil Hydrating Shampoo for a clean finish, yet still hydrating your hair.


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