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Pamela Anderson will tell her side of the story in a new Netflix documentary

pamela anderson documentary

Pamela Anderson is ready to tell her side of the story, announcing plans for a documentary with Netflix in response to the depiction of her stolen sex tape without her consent in the HBO docuseries Pam & Tommy.

What do we know about the documentary?

In a recent Instagram post, the actor and humanitarian released a cryptic announcement by posting a handwritten-like note that reads: “My life - A thousand imperfections - A million misperception - wicked, wild and lost - Nothing to live up to - I can only surprise you - Not a victim, but a survivor - & alive to tell the real story". The note in question left many of her followers with the feeling that she was about to announce something big, and that thing was Pamela, a love story. 

While Anderson has made her feelings of exploitation known, it seems the release of Pam & Tommy has really made an impact. The actor has maintained how she had nothing to do with the development of the HBO series and didn't watch it once it aired. Instead she's working to maintain her authority and agency of the account, retelling her own story.

Is there a trailer?

On January 11, Netflix dropped the trailer for Pamela, a love story. Given that so much of Anderson's life is up for public consumption, it comes as a surprise to hear her speak, something that happens rarely. "I blocked that stolen tape out of my life in order to survive," she tells the camera, "and now that it's coming up again I feel sick".

The trailer sets us up with a historical understanding of Anderson's time as a public persona. "I don't think people consider her the owner of her own image. It's Pamela Anderson, public property," a voiceover says. But the video quickly opens up to a lighter tone, with Anderson dancing and, dare I say it, being completely normal. It's refreshing to see the cameras allow her to step out of the blonde bombshell image and exist somewhere she feels is more accurate to who she really is.

When will it be released?

Not long now. Pamela, a love story will land on Netflix on January 31.

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