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A winter sun escape to Palm Beach with Sarah Ellen

An escape from the hustle of the city. She’s the Australian native we know and love. A natural born creative who wears many hats. From model, actor, photographer and much more, Sarah Ellen is the face we keep coming back to. Now, she shares with RUSSH her intimate postcards from a voluntary quarantine to the magical seaside of Palm Beach. Through her lens, she’s captured those delicate moments to cherish forever in memories. From sparkle seas, to cosy afternoon bonfires. From the orange glow from the warm winter sun, to delicious pancakes for breakfast. From moments of complete solitude that carry into painting as a form of meditation and colour therapy. From documenting her dreams and her best ‘travel light’ accessory, the Saint Laurent Kaia small satchel bag. She goes where the green trees meet the sea.


"I escaped the hustle of the city for my own voluntary quarantine in Palm Beach."

"After waking up to the warmth of the winter sun, I try to immediately write down the dreams I had from the night before. Dreams are our subconscious selves trying to communicate with us. I dream every night and try to make sense of it on paper. My mum is a dream interpreter so I call her if I need help understanding something."

"Pancakes. Nuff said."

"Travelling light."

"A beautiful mess."

"Painting is my form of meditation & colour therapy. I work best when I’m in full solitude so that’s why I feel the need to retreat every now and then to be in my own company. My best ideas always spring from boredom, so I have to allow myself that time. It’s so easy to keep myself busy, it’s much harder to force myself to slow down…"

"The perfect accessory for a date with yourself."

"Can someone create a scented candle called ‘Bonfire Marshmallows’?"


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