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Sarah Ellen

LOUIS VUITTON Embellished Stripes Perfecto jacket and Belted skirt.

Feet on the ground, head in the stars. Our August digital cover girl is a true wanderer. She seeks magic moments and people, like her, living for the adventure. We listened to records with the model, actress and singer-songwriter on a cool London morning; wearing Louis Vuitton’s AW 17 collection, she let us in on her can’t-live-withouts, her penchant for rap and love of astrology. It’s time to meet our new Face, Sarah Ellen.

LOUIS VUITTON Belted Trench coat and Limitless High shoes.

“I’m most grateful for being able to travel for work. Anything that involves new places whilst collaborating with creative minds is surreal for me.”

LOUIS VUITTON Embellished Stripes Perfecto jacket, Belted skirt, Limitless Ankle boots and Petite Malle bag.

That undeniable charisma, it first got her noticed at the tender age of 13 when a video uploaded to her Youtube channel went viral. Circumstances have changed since then, but it was a hint of the presence that would follow – along with acting roles and brand collaborations. Her taste for travel, too, was spurred at a young age by a family who nurtured her independent spirit. “Mum and Dad gave me a lot of freedom ... they’ve always trusted me, which I can’t thank them enough for,” she says. “They've always encouraged me to work hard, be kind to people and enjoy life.”

When she’s not working in front of the lens you can find her traversing the globe, riding a moped along the Italian coastline, or cultivating her creative talents: “Pottery … paint, [I] write on my guitar, watch iconic films, learn, create.” She’s got a talent for rhymes -  “I can rap all the lyrics to Juicy and Hypnotize by ‪Biggie” - and can’t live without her diary and books. A perfect day would start with The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill and end with a view of the stars, always.

“I’m an avid stargazer and I am totally intrigued by star signs … it inspired me to buy a telescope.”

LOUIS VUITTON Cape Effect Jacquard Knit jumper, Cropped Sleeveless Knit top, Flared Low Crotch pants, Limitless Ankle shoes, belt and Twist PM Tweed Bleu bag.
LOUIS VUITTON Leather Aviator Jacket, Wide Collar Sleeveless top, Flared Low Crotch pants and belt.

“Without sounding too preachy or cheesy, it would be amazing to see people becoming more passionate about living ethically.”

LOUIS VUITTON Zipped Perfecto jacket and Flared Low Crotch pants.

FASHION Bridie Gilbert
MODEL Sarah Ellen
HAIR Tom Wright
MAKEUP Chloe Rose