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At AAFW, Oroton’s resort ’22 collection takes cues from nostalgia and escapism

oroton resort 22

For resort 22, Oroton took inspiration from nostalgia, with one item in particular forming the basis of the collection: an antique ceramic tile from Portugal. Capturing a feeling of escapism, the collection combines time-honoured details for which they are known, including embroidery, hand-stitching and brand-signature motifs.

The collection is awash with shades of blue, with the new colours of Sea Glass, Swedish Blue and North Sea Navy prominent throughout. Imagined as neutrals, they are a foundation from which to build, an idea the design team tested themselves to ensure the colours tied together seamlessly. Juxtaposing the blues was the Cocoa, Lemon Butter and True Red shades that provide an unexpected jolt, intended to encourage a more cohesive, experimental wardrobe.

Creative Director of Oroton Sophie Holt intended to blur the lines between clothing designed for work and play, with. the idea of creating a harmony between the two central to the collection.

“For me, that’s counterproductive, it’s an outdated notion – I think it’s more about understanding how our lives have changed and how to wear your clothes in different ways, that’s where we need fashion to be inventive.”


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Signature motifs and artful prints have become a staple of the Oroton womenswear collections, as seen previously through stamps and maps printed across garments. For Oroton resort 22, this took the form of vintage botanical sketches of glasshouse poppies and climbing cucumbers. Additionally, a traveller's ticket – much like that of a tram fare – was also peppered on dresses, skirts and shirts, alluding to a sense of freedom.

Holt referenced her grandmother's bodice as a central point of inspiration for pieces in the collection, transforming it into both a print and applique, as seen on relaxed sets and silk gowns. As an opposing theme to the vintage references, Holt also featured sporting motifs throughout with rugby stripes, vests and baseball caps all featuring in the collection. It was a moment of Holt lending her own, personal legacy to the brand, an idea she sexplained was important in adding "complexity and modernity" to the brand's future.

“My grandmother has often informed my work – she was such a force, an incredible woman," explained Holt. "Her style was impeccable and yet not predictable at all. She didn’t follow the norms, and I think reinforcing that idea of being true to yourself is so valuable right now. More important than ever.”

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