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Everything we know about ONE/SIZE, Patrick Starrr’s beauty brand

If you're a regular YouTube watcher, then you'll already know all about Patrick Starrr. If you're not, then let me introduce you to one of the happiest, most joyful and most wholesome people you'll ever have the pleasure of watching. Patrick Starrr has an infectious smile and a unique way of brightening up your day. It's part of the reason why his YouTube channel has 4.4 million subscribers.

A talented makeup artist and creator, Patrick has dozens of makeup tutorials, makeup reviews, transformations and guides on his channel. He's also done the makeup for some seriously big names including Kim Kardashian, Naomi Campbell and Jessica Alba. He's kind of a big deal. Which is why there is so much hype around the launch of his beauty line ONE/SIZE.

Here's what you need to know.


What products does ONE/SIZE include?

The latest releases from ONE/SIZE Beauty include a whole range of eye products - and these eye products are part of the brand's first official collection The Visionary Collection.

It includes a 15-shade eyeshadow palette called The Visionary Palette. It has nine matte and six shimmery shades in a range of tones.

Then there's the Eye Poppers, liquid eyeshadows. They're extra sparkly for a big impact and come in five shades.

Then eyeliner - Patrick made two. There's the Point Made liquid eyeliner pen and then the Point Made 24-hour gel eyeliner pencil. The pen comes in black but the pencil comes in black and brown.

But that's not all. Patrick Starrr chose to launch his brand with skincare first - a unique move. As we've seen with beauty brands like Fenty, skincare usually comes second. But not in this instance.

Patrick currently has two skincare products from ONE/SIZE out in market: the GO OFF Juiciest Makeup Remover Wipes and the GO OFF Makeup Removing Mist. Both products designed to help you get your beauty products off, effectively, easily and cleanly.

Patrick included a video with the launch of his products which explains why he decided to launch with skincare first. Early on in his career he was working in makeup retail and was asked by a manager to take of his makeup as it was inappropriate for a man to be wearing that much of it. Patrick took this difficult moment and used it as the inspiration for his makeup removing products.


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What is ONE/SIZE?

ONE/SIZE is Patrick Starrr's newly launched beauty line.

Patrick has famously used the phrase "makeup is one size fits all" on his Instagram and YouTube channel for years. An advocate for inclusivity, Patrick has spoken about how the realm of makeup is one which accepts all colours, sizes and genders. And it was this that inspired him to launch his very own line of skincare and cosmetics, ONE/SIZE.

ONE/SIZE is Patrick's own, designed, created and managed by him. It will include colour cosmetics, beauty tools and skincare.


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When is ONE/SIZE available?

ONE/SIZE went on sale from July 17. You can buy the all the GO OFF removing products and the Visionary Collection products now now.


Where can I buy ONE/SIZE?

ONE/SIZE is currently available at US Sephora - not Australian Sephora just yet but keep your eyes peeled. It's also of course available on the ONE/SIZE website.


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Hasn't Patrick Starrr launched makeup before?

In the past Patrick Starrr has collaborated with Mac Cosmetics on beauty. He has previously worked on five collaborative collections with the beauty giant from 2017.

But ONE/SIZE is Patrick's first self-owned beauty line.


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