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Our music editor shares her favourites songs from November

november 2023 music releases

Hello, Alys here, analogue music editor moving herself into the digital age (with the support of the RUSSH team, of course). I’ve been collecting songs over the past month to share; new releases, weird releases, old releases, and things I feel the world should be aware of. Presenting, our November 2023 music releases!

As we move into summer, I’m trying to keep it lighter and freer (even though I’m a committed beach goth) so please find below a curated collection to pique your curiosity. I’m a big believer in sharing the treasure, I don’t want any gatekeepers trying to hide the cool records or quizzing you on rare bootlegs when you mention you like a band they like. You don’t need to be able to name all members of The Fall to wear a t-shirt, there are too goddamn many. Enjoy the treasure, and share it.


Juvenile Retention, Gut Health

I’ve had my eye on this Naarm band for a while, infectious fun post-punk with elements of Pylon, The Slits and The B52s. Amazingly this band is already playing stadiums with Queens of the Stone Age... wild. I would try and see them while you can.


Oral, Björk ft. Rosalía

The power couple we didn’t know we needed until now, yet it seems like such a natural pairing. (Also Rosalia's Halloween costume now makes sense). Björk’s voice has become its own definitive sound over the years and no matter what genre she works within, or more usually than not, subverts, it's always undeniably hers. This song benefits from multiple listens, more things are taken away from the soundscape when you do, and there is some hectic panning to play with. I love that they are saving fish with this song. I thought a lot about fish mouths listening to this. Then my brain went here.


Drifting Away, Jaakko Eino Kalevi

This is definitely holiday music. Compared to Kalevi’s earlier releases there is a lightness on this track, and the new record Chaos Magic sees Kalevi almost drift into a sleazy lounge singer. However the lyrics are so earnest and sweet (holding hands, walking in the park), that the saxophone fails to take it into that world. I appreciate his red socks.


Gantz, 1300 feat. EK

Pretty sure the whole team are fans of 1300, regular performers at our F*ck Fashion parties and masterful dancers (you know what I mean, the hop!) This is a very smooth track that switches between languages with such rhythmic grace you barely notice. 1300 are evolving as is Nerdie’s production.


Always Then, The KVB

Just some good old treasure, I promised you lighter but it’s been popping up for me lately…


Asphalt, Molly Payton

This is lighter tonally, perhaps not lyrically, but Payton has a beautiful voice and this is apparently her ‘anti single’. It tackles a fair bit in a two-and-a-half-minute song. The video is a beautifully lit breakdown and we will be watching.


Holiday, Joe Pesci

Yep. Little Joe sure can sing. My partner discovered this record and it’s insane. This has been played a lot in the house lately and I feel needs to be shared for any driving playlists. His cover of Got To Get You Into My Life is guaranteed to move your eyebrows.


Escape and Retreat, Holiday Sidewinder

While we are on the topic of holidays, Sidewinder is back with a new record, The Last Resort, and this single Escape and Retreat is a colourful, hook-laden piña colada of a pop song as she turns back time to an escape into an endless summer.

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