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Nike’s new VaporMax is a pioneer in sustainable footwear


Made out of 50% recycled materials, Nike's new VaporMax sneakers are the brands most sustainable shoe to date and are leading the way forward to the brands Move to Zero journey.

Nike has recently been taking strides towards a zero-carbon and zero-waste future, and heroes Nike’s sustainable design ethos to design products with better materials, fewer resources and assembled with the environment in mind. For the big sneaker fans or simply those who are sustainability first and fashion second, this is excellent news.

The Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit 2020 is available Australia wide at, and features a unique palette which is down to the use of upcycled and recycled materials, giving them a unique, one of a kind look that screams "my shoes aren't doing the planet dirty".

The shoe features recycled Flyknit Yarn which is made of 67 per cent post-industrial recycled content. The VaporMax 2020 combines raw and sustainable design elements for a vibrant exterior and expands upon the circular design ethos that Nike has implemented across other sportswear collections. With a colourful exterior, the rainbow checked pattern is woven into a grey coloured yarn, subduing the vibrancy and encouraging an every-day look, which is reinforced by the recycled TPU toe and heel caps for structure and stability.

With so many brands implementing more sustainable practices as consumers beg for planetary care, the future of fashion is beginning to look less grim since small steps have been taken. 2020 is crying out for change, and finally seeing it provides a little reprieve from the rest of world events right now.

With COVID-19 front-of-mind for most people, the spotlight is off climate change for the time being, which could yield dangerous consequences for the planet. If we can continue to put our money where our mouth is, things certainly have the chance to look less bleak.

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