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Intimacy in Detail: inside the launch of Nick Tsindos and TO HEAR COLOUR’s capsule collaboration

As I pulled up out front of the new Maido coffee pop-up on Flinder's street last Friday night, people spilled from the café's insides and out onto the sidewalk. Tightly gripping their hands around cans of cold beverages, the crowd's chatter and laughter warmed the brisk evening air.

Maido, the newly opened café brainchild of Provider Store and Artificer Coffee, was the location for this evening's celebrations; the launch of Sydney fashion label TO HEAR COLOUR's latest capsule collection and companion photo book, crafted in collaboration with local photographer Nick Tsindos.

Tsindos has travelled the world capturing and exhibiting his photographic works, but the evening marked a new extension of his creative lexicon into the realm of fashion. Born from his latest project – a book of intimate, detail-oriented photographs – the collection was inspired by a combination of Tsindos' creative eye and TO HEAR COLOUR's sartorial aesthetic.

To mark the occasion, we spoke with Tsindos about the capsule collection and the inspirations that fuelled it.


Photography by Noah Gallagher.


How did you and TO HEAR COLOUR first hear of each other? What drew you to collaborating together on something like this?

The co-founder, Noah, and I have been friends for many years, prior to TO HEAR COLOUR, when we both lived in Byron. Our friendship started with a Gumtree purchase – I sold Noah a camera! I’ve been following Noah and Marcus’ journey with the brand and have always been a supporter of what they do. So, when Noah approached me with an idea to create something together, it was an easy yes!


What were some of the references or inspirations behind the collection and book design?

The book was something I had originally created and was my main inspiration behind this collaboration. The image choices for the collection came directly from the book, and I guess those choices were off the back of what tied into their brand aesthetic. Regarding the book's design, details like the sizing of the book was important to me, and I wanted it to feel like a notebook or diary – or something familiar and personal. The binding also was a small detail that I really workshopped and is fairly unique.


Photography by Noah Gallagher.


Do you have a favourite piece from the collection, or a favourite photograph from the book?

I’m a Grandma at heart, so I’d have to say the tea towels.


Why Intimacy in Detail? What’s the meaning behind the name?

My work is very personal and always reflective, centring around the exploration of intimacy and, I guess, my relationship to that. The title just felt like a nice fit for the book I put together, and it made sense for me to tie the collection into that.


Photographs by Nick Tsindos from Intimacy in Detail.


Was this your first foray into fashion design? How much of the process felt like an intuitive extension of your photographic practice, and how much of it was brand new for you?

It was my first time. It was something I was always interested in, and with the support from Noah and Marcus it felt like the right time to expand how I showcase my work. It was really collaborative, but they did most of the heavy lifting, which I'm super grateful for.


What made the new Provider Store x Artificer pop-up space feel right for hosting this event?

For the last four years, I have been working closely with Tara, the founder and owner at Provider Store, specialising in creative, brand and marketing. So, with Provider launching their new café space, Maido, it only made sense to help baptise the space and host the event there.

Tara has always been an incredible supporter of mine and, yeah, we’re very lucky to have her the support. The event feels like a nice local union between Provider, Artificer, TO HEAR COLOUR and even Four Pillars Gin jumping onboard. We’re all Surry Hills locals!


You can shop the collection now on TO HEAR COLOUR's website.


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