Calling all frequent fliers! Nere is here to help you travel in style

nere luggage

I have a love-hate relationship with luggage. First off, the idea of lugging anything around when I am supposed to be relaxing and on holiday baffles me. Then there's the fact that so much of what exists is built in the image of a mini fridge. Simply, why? But you have to transport your worldly goods from A to B somehow. And the luggage options from Nere make that fact so much more appealing.

nere luggage

Let's begin with the most eye-catching detail: Nere's range of colourways. When travelling, having luggage that stands out from the crowd is kind of essential, especially when at a congested baggage carousel. Arriving in three different collections, each with their own distinct style, Nere has designed quality luggage to match your outfit and mood. The Stori range is available in a series of joyful, on-trend colours like lilac, turquoise and baby pink; the Caype collection stands out for its soft tones and rose gold accents; while the Relm line, with its glossy black and rose gold hard cases, offers something for those who prefer a lowkey travel companion. The days of borrowing your parent's ratty bag tag or haphazardly tying ribbons across your handles are over.

For every colour, there's three suitcase sizes to pick from; a 55cm carry on, a 65cm medium check-in, and a larger check-in coming in at 75cm. If you travel interstate or overseas regularly for work, need to cart around kilos of clothes like the RUSSH fashion editors, or simply want a reliable hard case luggage at your disposal, these will do the trick. And if you're just after a collection of luggage that's cute and matches, Nere offer that too.

To complete your Nere travel setup, the brand has also created a series of accessories designed for your next time in transit. There's luggage straps to mix or match with the hue of your suitcase; packing cubes in all colours and arrangements to keep the inside of your luggage organised, and bag tags for easy reference.

nere luggage


Explore the Nere luggage range in its entirety at the Strandbags website.

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