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Another day, another NFT – this time from our queen Naomi Osaka

Naomi Osaka NFT

For those thinking the NFT trend would eventually fade, I regret to inform you that, on the contrary, NFT trading is alive and well! In fact, it's thriving. How do we know this? Well, Naomi Osaka has entered the game and in her wake are a series of Preseason Access Tickets.

Thanks to a partnership with Tom Brady's NFT platform Autograph, fans of the tennis champion can purchase various 'Preseason Access Passes'. What does this mean? Long queues I suspect, but if you're one of the few people to score these NFT's (they're limited edition of course) you will have VIP access to the Naomi Osaka drop to come, plus Autograph’s private community on Discord. Passes are all signed by Osaka and come in Carbon Premier, Platinum Premier, Emerald Premier, Sapphire Premier and Ruby Premier.


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It's not exactly Naomi's first leap into NFT-dom. Earlier in the year she collaborated with her sister, Mari Osaka, on an NFT collection titled The Colors of Naomi Osaka. Featuring in the collection was a series of artworks by Mari, capturing "the many shades of Naomi’s personality and character through heartfelt bursts of colour." Each artwork was signed by both sisters and auctioned off at Basic.Space.

Looking to get yourself a slice of the action? At this point it's too late for the first drop, which already took place on August 25. But the second drop is occurring on an hourly basis today on Autograph from 3pm to 7pm EST. Price range from $12 to $1500 USD. Also available in the drop are Preseason Access Passes from Tom Brady and ice-hockey legend Wayne Gretzky.

For those who are a little hazy on what on earth an NFT actually is, here you'll find an easy to digest explainer on what an NFT is and how they work.

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