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It’s no album, but Frank Ocean has just dropped new photography book, ‘Mutations’

frank ocean mutations

If we've learned anything, it's that Frank Ocean is a man that does as he pleases. And no amount of pleading Tweets will change that. Despite rumours circulating that the musician was lowkey working on a new album, we're yet to see them come to fruition. Instead, it looks like Frank Ocean has been busy putting together a new photography book titled, Mutations, which has just dropped at Homer, breaking up its offering of cock rings, belt buckles and jewellery we'll never be able to afford.


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As with most things Frank Ocean is behind, there are few details about Mutations, save for the fact that the book is printed in the US and features a saddle-stitched binding. Coming in at 48 pages, the photography book comprises of images shot by Frank Ocean himself, with aura-coloured backgrounds, grainy product shots, a self-portrait, as well as other portraits where the face is subbed out for a slime green robobaby head, not unlike the one that accompanied Ocean on the 2021 Met Gala red carpet.

Given that it'll be a little while before Ocean drops anything else, you'll probably want to fork out the $131 bones to get your hands on MutationsThat, or you can just surrender to the drought. If you're also a fan of Rihanna, you'll know the incessant waiting well. Who knows? Maybe Frank Ocean will take a leaf out of her book and contribute a song to the Smurfs movie, or whatever its upcoming equivalent is. Paw PatrolTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Anything... we'll literally take anything. Frank, we're begging.

Anyway, you can get your copy of Mutations at the Homer website. In the meantime, I guess all a girl can do is queue Blonde, cry and repeat.

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