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Weekend watches for a mental holiday


Right about now would be the time I would be discussing my plans for my annual holiday escape to the warm embrace of southern France with my sister, which falls in late August, one of the hottest, driest parts of the year, a time of year when I cherish the opportunity to thaw my pasty, wintery body under the provincial sun and live off a yeast-based (beer and bread) diet.

This is the time of year when all of my ‘European summer’ fantasies come alive and I get to settle into the annoying perfect-ness of it all. This year, to our horror, the euro summer we Australians dream of and save up for, has been snatched by COVID-19.  Which is absolutely one of the most first-world (and very unimportant in the grand scheme) problems to emerge out of this global crisis. In saying this, it’s left us dreaming of a time where we took travel for granted. The holidays are far away, and our lives have been put into glaring perspective. Virtual escapism is on our minds, and these are the films we will be watching to satisfy the craving.


Before Sunrise


We love a train romance story! 90's movie magic was created in this film, there is no denying it. Ethan Hawke and Julie Delply frolicking around Vienna while they fall in love is escapism at its finest.


The Beach

european-summer-filmsYoung Leo on a beach! Need we say more? The plot that continues to thicken in this film is enough to keep your brain distracted from reality for a good few hours.


Mamma Mia


Don’t say you didn’t love it. The most feel-good and ridiculous of them all. Meryl Streep in overalls being the highlight. What’s not to love about two hours of endless ABBA, Colin Firth, and a remote island on the Greek Coast? Once this is over, we’re off to find an abandoned island farmhouse.


Vicky Christina Barcelona

european-summer-filmsPenelope Cruz and Scarlett Johansson making out is surely a convincing enough argument to warrant a watch. If more is needed, perhaps the Spanish setting, the sepia-toned visuals and the entire drama of it all is.


Stealing Beauty

The summer we all thought we’d once have. Baby Liv Tyler summers in Tuscany with multiple love interests as she navigates her feelings. Simply a visual pleasure.