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What to do for Mother’s Day in Isolation


Mother’s Day is right around the corner and we have just about every kind of gift guide to see you through it, but what about the moments that are more important and cherished than any gift? Particularly the moments spent together. Since we are all effectively on global lockdown, unless your mother is in the same house or city and regulations say visiting is possible, a lot of us are doing Mother’s Day via Zoom this year, which is honestly a huge drag. So, we’ve been wracking our brains to figure out what we can do for our mothers from a safe distance this year.


Socially distanced favours

Hopefully during this time you’re safely helping your loved ones where possible anyway, but if not, now might be the time (if possible) to pop round and help mow the lawn, or do a few loads of washing from a distance, or replace some lightbulbs, particularly if you have a single mother who may not be physically able to perform these tasks. Nothing says I love you like some thoughtful free labour.


Send flowers

A classic yet universally (mostly) accessible option particularly for those far away from their mothers. We wrote a comprehensive guide to the best Mother’s Day flowers for easy picking. It’s the obvious choice because it’s a nice one.


Send a thoughtful letter or email

This seems like a small gesture, but writing to her telling her about all of the ways you are proud of her or admire her will always pull at her heart string and make her feel all the love. Sit down one afternoon and pen down a couple of pages of sweet thoughts.


Book in something for the future

For something to look forward to. Book in a pamper day together, a night to have dinner or a weekend away for a luxurious and hopeful gesture. Just because she can’t go right now doesn’t mean she shouldn’t one day.


Postpone Mother’s Day

Who said you can’t? Pencil it in for a time when seeing her doesn’t put her at risk, and go all out when that time comes. You can always do all of the regular mother’s day activities on another Sunday, just make sure you let her know your plan instead of simply acting as though it doesn’t exist.