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These are the most sought after interior designers on Instagram

There's no denying we've all developed an insatiable thirst for interior inspiration thanks to, well...you know already. Cooped up in the depths of our own homes, what greater way to release all that untapped energy than on the four walls around us? After all, it's well known that the state of our dwellings can have a significant impact on our headspace and therefore wellbeing ⁠— something we must be extra diligent with in these times. For many of us, the act of gathering and collecting ideas has less to do with renovation plans and instead provides a sense of comfort, an outlet of sorts. So it's enlightening to discover the creatives we are turning to when it comes to home design and decor.



According to a study from industry resource, Design Bundles, Bobby Berk and Kelly Wearstler are the most sought after interior designers in Australia. Together they amass 57,600 yearly Google searches, a number that is completely unsurprising when you consider their reach on Instagram alone. Wearstler is famous for a portfolio that boasts both significant commercial work and celebrity homes like Cameron Diaz and Gwen Stefani. Whereas, Berk first entered our scope after he appeared on Queer Eye, as the patron saint of home renovations. 



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The study analysed 100 interior designers around the world to unveil the ten most sought-after designers in Australia. During the study, it also ranked the top ten by their Instagram followers and public earnings to discover the most influential and captivating among them. A short way behind Berk and Wearstler in Google searches are married couple, Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent, co-hosts of reality show Nate & Jeremiah by Design. Both of them bring in nearly 20,000 yearly searches each. Clearly, we love to see it.

Behind them is Philippe Starck with 19200 searches, then Axel Verdoordt, the Belgian designer responsible for Kim and Kanye's all-white, cavernous home in the Hidden Hills. We've included all ten of the most searched designers below.

  1. Bobby Berk: 28800
  2. Kelly Wearstler: 28800
  3. Jeremiah Brent: 19200
  4. Nate Berkus: 19200
  5. Philippe Starck: 19200
  6. Axel Verdoordt: 12000
  7. LaPlace: 12000
  8. Kelly Hoppen: 10560
  9. Ilse Crawford: 4680
  10. Jungalow: 4680

A spokesperson for Design Bundles, which commissioned the research, said, “When you look at search data, it’s fascinating to see who comes up as Australia’s most in-demand interior designers. While there are several American favourites – Bobby Berk and Kelly Wearstler – the presence of designers such as Philippe Starck and Luis LaPlace shows the power of the European influence.” Which makes sense, if our love for European architecture is anything to go off.

Given that we're all kinda leaning into the interior boom of 2020/21, we've curated our favourite Instagram accounts serving vintage interior inspiration, add them to your mood board or simply enjoy as is.

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