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Here why Jade Yarbrough of Merci Maison says less is more when styling an interior

Minimalism meets sensuality is the best way to describe interiors and homewares label Merci Maison. This aspirational, yet accessible, brand has emerged from the ashes of 2020 with the aim of creating a considered destination for interior items.

Merci Maison is the brainchild of designers Jade Yarbrough and Danielle Robertson. Their brand is one that curates coveted objects from around the world and also works directly with makers to design pieces exclusively. The result is a brand that celebrates both form and function. A brand that can help you inject style and elegance without having to completely change the pieces you already have.

In celebration of the brand's first bespoke collection, we connected with Jade to find out more about her effortless approach to interior styling. We asked her all about the interior trends of the moment, how she balances form and function and how we can update our spaces while only changing just a few pieces. Below, she shares why less is more and why all good things take time.



What are some of the most popular home decor and interior styles right now?

Layering vintage with modern pieces and considered, timeless design. I personally don’t tend to follow too many styles or trends; I always draw inspiration from my travels abroad. I often source pieces from abroad or create custom one-off pieces and take inspiration from galleries, museums, artists installations and primitive stone structures. I think it's important to look elsewhere for inspiration. Even to nature.


How can you choose the right style for you? Should you look at the pieces you already have to guide you? Or pick something neutral to start with?

Curation. It takes time. Creating the perfect space and working out what your style is comes with time and it should be a collection of things both past and present. A mix of vintage and modern, layered with art, textures, colour and objects. This will help cultivate your own unique style and allow the space to tell a story.

Both your home and design is an emotional thing. So follow your heart. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, it happens to the best of us, it’s the nature of the game and sometimes it can be magic.

And most importantly, think about how you will use the space, where will you eat, drink, sleep, play, entertain or read. And work back from there.


How can we make our interiors look styled and professional?

Less is more. Be carefully considered in what you select and where you chose put things. Every object should tell a story.


How do you balance style and functionality?

A perfect balance of style, form and function is important. Everything should be functional and beautiful. The most important thing to remember is that it’s a delicate dance between aesthetics and functionality. Your space should be designed to inspire and evoke emotion but also grounded in practicality. Removing the notion of “perfection” will help you carve out a space that is functional yet beautiful.


Do you have any thoughts on how to instantly elevate your space?

Decorative archways. An arch is such a beautiful architectural element that elevates any space. It creates an illusion of space and can often replace conventional doors. A good rug is also essential! It will instantly soften and elevate any space. And a piece of art or a floor lamp will always add some character to your space.



Are there any interior design rules you follow? E.g. 60, 30, 10 rule or 7 elements of interior design principles?

I think a lot of people are actually breaking the rules right now and instead of following trends they are embracing their own style and injecting their own personality into it. I would say follow your heart and go with your gut. And always aim to be unique. Have a point of difference, something that makes you stand out for everyone else.


If you could only pick three interior elements, which three would you invest in?

Invest in pieces you will have forever, that you will be able to enjoy long after you have purchased it and that are versatile, that you can make work anywhere. My three elements would be a beautiful piece of artwork, an ornate or quirky floor lamp, and a custom bed head.


Do you have any interior styling hacks?

Mirrors, they give so much depth to a space that is otherwise small. It is also great for reflecting light.

Restore and re-purpose. Not only does it help our environment, but it can often be better for the wallet.

Swatches are your best friend. If you aren’t sure how a piece or colour will work in your space, or if the colour is wrong, ask for a swatch to take home and leave in the space. It’s a good way to see if the light throws a different shade, or if it it’s too bright or too dark for that area.


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