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5 interior décor pieces that will breathe new life into your home

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After spending much of the last 12 months within your home, you may be itching to give your space a major refresh in light of the new year. Out with the old and in with the new, I say. Although the dream is to be able to redesign our houses each time our interior design fantasies change, the reality of decorating your home is that it's often a slow process before you have a space that is uniquely yours. As you embark on a journey of decorating your dream home, we've selected five interior décor pieces that will instantly breathe new life into your abode.

The most instantaneous way to hit refresh on your home is by incorporating interior décor pieces that are high-impact. Rather than focusing on the details – like decorative vases, coffee table books or trinkets – aim big. By beginning with more permanent pieces, like a living room rug or statement mirror, it avoids the aimless purchasing of small items that often occurs while you're ruminating.

From homely, vibrant additions to your master bedroom, to living room masterpieces, we're sharing five of our favourite ways to give your home a new year revamp.

Statement mirror


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There's no denying the power of an excellent mirror. Particularly when incorporated in smaller spaces, the right mirror can immediately open up a room by making it look bigger and giving the illusion of depth. Mirrors also help reflect both natural and artificial light, to help create a brighter space during the day.

More so than ever, the types of mirrors we're seeing trending all over Instagram blur the worlds of art and practicality. Take this six-foot tall Ultrafragola mirror for example; fitted with neon lights and a squiggly frame, it instantly transforms even the simplest of rooms.

Decorative bedhead


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Although they disappeared from the interior trend space for a couple of years, decorative bedheads are making a comeback and in a significant way. Particularly if you have a plain wall behind your bed, a vibrant and eye-catching bedhead helps fill the blank space in the same way a piece of art does. The beauty of this interior décor piece is that your selection can be as minimalist or extravagant as you imagine – from black and white pinstripe to red velvet upholstery.

Coloured sheets


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For those of us who prefer to keep our furniture and artwork choices minimalistic, breathe life and warmth into your master bedroom through your choice of bedsheets. With many linen brands selling sheets, quilt covers and pillowcases separately, blend vibrant and tonal hues to create an eye-catching look that is uniquely yours.

Eye-catching rugs


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The foundation of any space, the perfect rug can completely change the aesthetic of your room – whether you're looking to reinvent your living room, formal dining, bedroom and even more so, your bathroom. Depending on your objective, a rug is a great way of pulling together your space, by either toning down colours and textures or enhancing them without having to shift the whole room.

Textured couch


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What is a newly decorated home without a brand new couch? The pillar of any good living space, your couch should not only be stylish, but equally comfortable and welcoming. Although your couch selection will entirely depend on the other elements in your home, you can't go past the allure of texture – especially the boucle sort.

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