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Jenny Holzer and more have contributed to the M.M.S art box with thoughtful condoms

M.M.S Art Box

Creator Projects annual series of affordable and curated M.M.S Art Box is back again this year, and in the 2021 offering, 12 international artists have contributed one new edition artwork each.

The inaugural box, dubbed  M.M.S. (Much.More.Shit) will serve as a limited run of 1,000. After what would be considered a very successful pre-sale of the first 800 boxes in February 2021, the remaining 200 boxes have been released via the Creator Projects website and will be available to ship come mid-june.

Jenny Holzer is among those contributing, an artist known best for her thoughtful and provocative texts that are often displayed in highly public places like historical landmarks, buildings, billboards, busses, and even skateboards. Now, she is turning inward for the M.M.S project with an offering of ten condoms of which the wrappers of each are stamped with Walt Whitman's poetry, reading, “TENDERLY I WILL USE YOU”.

Holzer's work will feature alongside a scratch card by Nico Vascellari, a sketch by Hesselholdt & Mejlvang reading "The hopelessness of hope", a vinyl piano score by Martin Creed - which also featured two additional tracks by the artist and composer entitled One Minute On A Piano, Work No. 3482 and Becoming One, Work No. 3483.

The M.M.S Art Box also includes a sculpture by Katharina Grosse, a face mask by Tania Bruguera, and a series of ‘alter breads’ by Alexander Tovborg - wafers which represent Communion crackers, and have been made at a specialist altar bread bakery in southern Italy called Ostificio Domus. The wafers feature the artists original drawings of the Madonna and child embossed onto their surface, the child rendered as a baby girl, signifying “a new kind of communion, where women are represented as both holy and the givers of new life and beginnings” Tovborg says.

The M.M.S. Art Box is available now via the Creator Projects website, you can take a look at the artworks available, below.


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